Alias: Minty, Mimi, or Mi | Age 22 | INTJ
Female | ATer | CBer | dA

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Do not ask me for donations or art freebies.
Do not thank me for buying your items.
Friend requests are permanently turned off.

Hi there! My real name is Yvonne, but I don't care if you call me something else, as long as it's not offensive.

I draw... a lot. I spend ridiculous amounts of time just cranking out a crap ton of pieces almost daily. If you wish to get an art slot from me, please see my RLC info.

Don't get intimidated by me, I can be pretty chill, although I also do have a bit of a short temper. As long as you remain civil, I will be the same towards you.

I don't start conversations unless I'm really good friends with someone, sorry.
Shoot me a profile comment if you want to get in touch with me.

You can find me in the Chatterbox or the Avatar Talk otherwise.
If you can't get in touch with me I might be floating around zOMG!.

By the way: If you try to contact me, I might be busy doing something. Don't have a panic attack if I don't reply right away; I will try to get back to you asap. (That is, unless, you have either profile comments or PMs disabled, which deems this task impossible for me.)

That's all for now, I guess.

Profile song: Ivan Torrent - "Crystalline"


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tsuruaka Report | 06/13/2017 11:12 pm

aliushdfla thank you for the gift ;u;
Silverlight Symphony Report | 06/11/2017 4:29 pm
Silverlight Symphony
yah, I have been trying to make them work myself lol, just haven't done nearly as well as you have at it!
Silverlight Symphony Report | 06/11/2017 4:17 pm
Silverlight Symphony
Ty redface wish I could make a halfway decent looking sitting avi like you crying your current is perfect!
tsuruaka Report | 06/10/2017 11:18 pm

went on a gifting streak and you were a victim~
Silverlight Symphony Report | 06/10/2017 11:45 am
Silverlight Symphony
Thank you boo!!!! emotion_kirakira
Oro Senpai Report | 06/09/2017 12:43 pm
Oro Senpai
Of course
tsuruaka Report | 06/09/2017 11:51 am
LMAO I can tell XD

She turned out friggin beautiful though~
tsuruaka Report | 06/09/2017 11:41 am
your avi looks so ******** art nouveau I can't it's so pretty
tsuruaka Report | 06/07/2017 7:23 pm

Color scheme or not it's pretty so deal with it rofl
tsuruaka Report | 06/07/2017 7:07 pm
mitan if that's your def of basic I'm terrified PFFTT


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