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-l- Mi-tan -l-

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/28

Wishlist stahp growing!!



| Real Name: Yvonne | Nickname: Minty, Mimi, or Mi | Age 20 | Chinese Canadian | Female | Digital Artist

A few things to cover first before I introduce myself:

Do NOT beg me for gold or items.
Do NOT thank me for buying your items.
I do NOT accept friend requests unless I've talked to the person before.
Please do NOT PM or profile comment me art orders or requests at all.
I have a shop link in this About section, so please post your order there.
Otherwise, all other messages about art will be deleted without being responded to.

Avi art on profile (minus the background) is by Cray Button.

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by my profile.

Want to know me better? Just chat with me.

Here's a warning: I'm an extremely blunt person. I tend to say things without thinking it through sometimes, and if you can't handle what I tell you then that's unfortunate. Apologies in advance about that.

Avi art/OC art done for me: [X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X][O][X]

**All artwork done above is credited to the rightful artists.**

Do I draw? Yes I do, and my RLC is always open.
Contact me on my Deviant Art page here if you're interested.
I also have a temporary bribe shop here.

If you want to find me, I'm mostly lurking the CB and AT.
That's all for now. Bye.~


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Silverlight Symphony Report | 03/04/2015 8:50 pm
Silverlight Symphony
ruined souls recolor (the broken well? Can't remember that poses name!) along with the pink siren bg and boundless gaze (purple and blue) makes for a pretty interesting bg combo. I just don't have an avi that goes with it! Harder to make an avi to go with a bg then a bg to go with an avi! Also the siren, dreamscape, and swamplands is somewhat interesting as well. In case you want to keep those in mind if you suddenly have an idea that would go good with them.
Gorefied Report | 03/04/2015 11:30 am
OTL... sorry for late replies
im very busy unpacking all this week
+ cleaning ugh.
chocolateandtea Report | 03/03/2015 9:36 pm
lol It's really pathetic how immature people can be over things that really don't matter in the end.
chocolateandtea Report | 03/03/2015 9:33 pm
I was like "I couldn't even get passed the pilot of Supernatural!" and someone was like "you ******** wot m8"

lol Probably jumping to conclusions that he/she was upset that I wasn't a fan of an overhyped show. Oops. lol
chocolateandtea Report | 03/03/2015 9:30 pm
When people get mad at you for not liking something. rofl
Porcelain Juggalette Report | 03/03/2015 7:48 pm
Porcelain Juggalette
Omg, thank you so much! crying
Silverlight Symphony Report | 03/03/2015 2:23 pm
Silverlight Symphony
It really does help heart I will stop by and comment when it goes live btw!
Silverlight Symphony Report | 03/03/2015 2:06 pm
Silverlight Symphony
I tend to do a lot worst if I don't get a good placement. I guess it's because all the downvoters are the only ones really seeing me xd
On the side... I want a new tier to come out already!
Silverlight Symphony Report | 03/03/2015 1:28 pm
Silverlight Symphony
Oooh, yay! whee Why not wait until end of sunday though for better placement in the lists?
Silverlight Symphony Report | 03/03/2015 1:06 pm
Silverlight Symphony
Indeed! crying