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-l- Mi-tan -l-

-l- Mi-tan -l-'s avatar

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/28



Nickname: Minty, Mimi, or Mi | Age 21 | Introvert
Chinese Canadian | Female | ATer | CBer | dA

Avatar Gallery | Art shop

A few things to cover first so you don't waste your time:

No, I do not donate to beggars so don't ask for donations.
Please do not ask me for art freebies.
Do not thank me for buying your items.
If I don't know who the heck you are, please don't ask to add me.

Hi there. My real name is Yvonne, but I don't care if you give me a nickname. You can call me whatever the heck you like, as long as it's not offensive.

I'm a little bit closed off to people at first but once you get to know me, I'm actually pretty nice and a total goofball. But of course, I'm nice only to a certain extent.

I've made myself a little nest in the AT and I think I'll be staying there for a long while. You can still find me goofing off in the CB from time to time, but that's only if the AT is moving incredibly slowly.

If you try to contact me there's a chance that I might be busy doing something. Please don't have a panic attack if I don't respond right away.

Current profile song: Nami Tamaki - "Brightdown"


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tsuruaka Report | 11/24/2015 10:18 pm
Dear god that's insane XD
I just have some random gold sitting around right now, so I'm literally just going through my friends list and gift bombing LMAO
tsuruaka Report | 11/24/2015 10:15 pm
Oh s**t that's terrifying rofl
GIFT WAR COMMENCE emotion_awesome
tsuruaka Report | 11/24/2015 10:12 pm
LOL your welcome <3
I have to spoil you at some point XD
Kukkikuma Report | 11/24/2015 5:11 pm
Another gift. ;-;
Thank you. <3
l N C E P T l 0 N Report | 11/24/2015 2:31 pm
l N C E P T l 0 N

Maybe you should go to the doctor? D8 That doesn't sound normal. Usually I cramp up after
I don't get my period for a while. I sometimes literally go like 3 months without a period and
then when it comes I cramp like someone is stabbing me. ; A ; . They still only last like 2 days tho.

You should get it checked out.

Do you know what avatar you want done?

l N C E P T l 0 N Report | 11/24/2015 2:00 pm
l N C E P T l 0 N

I will do us something fun then. <3 I am only gonna do it for a few people since
I won't have a lot of time with the holidays at work. ; A ;

How are you feeling? I know you said cramps were killing you yesterday?

l N C E P T l 0 N Report | 11/24/2015 1:57 pm
l N C E P T l 0 N

What would you like for Christmas? 8o Do you want some couple artsu with my avatar?

Silverlight Symphony Report | 11/24/2015 11:20 am
Silverlight Symphony
I have such a hard time not opening sycamorte seeds when I get them sweatdrop keep telling myself I should just stack them, but rig addiction says Open!!! OPEN NOWS!
Goreday Report | 11/24/2015 12:31 am
Idk I just I hate staring at gold n having nothing to strive for
Like I sold ocs for eggs
Now I'm just like hoards gold lol
Goreday Report | 11/24/2015 12:27 am
Wow that comment looked like I typed it drunk
Jesus lord tablet