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Some things to cover first so you don't waste your time:

I don't donate or do art freebies; don't bother asking.
Do NOT thank me for buying your items.
PM me for RLC info. Do NOT message me about gold commissions.
Friend requests are turned OFF. Talk to me first.

Hi there. My real name is Yvonne, but I don't care if you call me something else, as long as it's not offensive.

Don't get intimidated by me or anything, I'm actually really easy to talk to.
I don't start conversations unless I'm familiar with someone though.
Shoot me a profile comment if you want. I'm pretty boring so don't expect much.

You can find me in the Chatterbox, Art Shops or the Avatar Talk otherwise.

By the way: If you try to contact me, I might be busy doing something.
Don't have a panic attack if I don't reply right away.

That's all for now! Thanks again for dropping by~

Profile song: Nana Mizuki - "Brave Phoenix"


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tsuruaka Report | 08/26/2016 9:44 pm
No worries <3
You've helped me get a lot of obscure items so gotta help back~

tsuruaka Report | 08/26/2016 7:11 pm

And thanks for letting me know~

Also rip b/c couple art rofl
tsuruaka Report | 08/25/2016 4:43 pm
//rolls around half dead

I spent most of yesterday morning starting from 7 touring the new frosh class and showing them to their dorms, and I just spent 3 hours helping set up for an event
And aisudhflaidsas

///flops about

Imma still spoil you back at some point~
It's fun gift/art bombing people rofl
tsuruaka Report | 08/25/2016 4:28 pm
/comes back from busy day
/sees giftbox

Thank you! ;u; ;u; ;u;
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 08/25/2016 4:04 pm
Adrien Ludovic Gilles
I am the supreme spoop redface
Silverlight Symphony Report | 08/25/2016 1:39 pm
Silverlight Symphony
rofl gaia needs more emotes like that!
Silverlight Symphony Report | 08/25/2016 1:31 pm
Silverlight Symphony
That emote is soooo cute rofl and thank you redface moonie was watching me work on it lol
tsuruaka Report | 08/19/2016 4:43 pm
And then the next listing is 800% the original ABP and it's just like
y u do dis

LIHULSFDFALIUVHEW it's so frustrating //screams
I love cats. I love offchrome. BUT THERE'S A LIMIT GAIA GDI

Or they recolor beautiful items into garish color schemes purely because they're super popular =_=
Like in the mc recolor rig there were literally 2 items that I would ever really use in terms of color

tsuruaka Report | 08/19/2016 4:34 pm
Oh god the charts for some of them are dismal =_=

Can they please rerelease the harder to find ones in a bundle ;~;
Actually can they do that to ANY of the nice series ;u;
tsuruaka Report | 08/19/2016 4:31 pm
Basically you can make a really epic bouquet headpiece emotion_awesome
Flowers for daaayysssssssssss


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