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Oh Hai! My name is LinZ.

I'm an artist. I have my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

I show my work in galleries and s**t.

Check out my Online Portfolio or DA for examples---especially my Ceramics.

I used to be a librarian of the saucy variety, but I've recently become a night dispatcher....
and that's okay--I work all night and I sleep all day.

My old main, (below) was kind of well known in certain forums.
Now, I run around on this account because I feel more like myself.

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I'm a huge Art Aficionado. Like. exbawks heug.

I used to live in the Mushroom Kingdom...

...but then I had to move to Donkey Kong Country.....

...but then I got whisked away to Puppy and Kitty Town.

I have a best friend and he is the Goddamn Mattman. He is in IT.

I think I might be in love with him...or something like that.

I really hope that some geek-artist will make a Cathulu plushy that I can buy & hug.
It's possibly the cutest thing ever.
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I have a friend who is a cat.

Her name is Buster Mae Muffins and she fetches mousies.
My room-mate 4 lyfe/non-lesbian lover adopted her. <3

My best friend has a dog who is allergic to meat. She's an abomination

Her name is Molly Doggerton. We're totally buds.

I am 25 years old and I would like to own your skull someday.