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Absolute Chance Report | 11/07/2017 2:55 am
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My dearest Linnea.

You linspire me to be stronger, to better myself.
You pick me up when I am down, you hold me close when I feel weakened.

I will protect you from all that comes to threaten you.
I will become your everything.

No matter what adventure we go forth with together.
You will always be my greatest fantasy come to life.

I will always love you, and only you..

Eternally yours, Nick ~

Vicerella Report | 10/14/2017 9:22 am
nu-uh! you're the one making it lewd XD
Vicerella Report | 10/14/2017 9:17 am
i hope that cream filled cannoli isnt the only thing you like to eat wink wink
Vicerella Report | 10/14/2017 9:00 am
I LOVE your avi, hun <3
pressed flowers Report | 08/29/2017 2:12 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
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MicroDotz Report | 06/11/2017 9:16 pm
your bfs hot and your hot with your bf heart
Absolute Chance Report | 06/10/2017 6:32 am
Hey it's my darling, Linny!

Just another reminder that even when things are dull and I'm just moving from one part of my life to the next.
I always will have you to look forward to every day.
Whether you are just checking up on me or making a bunch of mischief, you are always a treat to have around.

Thanks again, and I love you!

From your uptight and stubborn, yet very loving boyfriend Nicky..

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dragon_princess_ruler Report | 06/04/2017 8:31 am
thank u for buying
Haxr IV Report | 05/14/2017 6:38 pm
Seen you in towns, long time no talk.
Absolute Chance Report | 04/28/2017 11:26 am
For my lovely lady Linnea!

I'm so empty when I feel you leave my side time after time.

For me, the only thing keeping me strong is knowing that you'll always be mine!

To those who waste their fleeting moments worrying about distance.

Instead we choose to share our love and dance!

We never feel too far apart.

It's because we hold each other's heart!

Thank you for the beautiful memories on our third anniversary, I love you sweetheart and I'll be seeing more of you than ever before!

Your doting gentleman, Nicholas.

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For My Love~ <3

Written by My Man

Dearest Linnea,
If you ever feel alone,
I'm always with you.

We were once so lost,
The darkness so thick and black.
Our light will guide us.

Lin and Nick combined.
Blazing forward, heart and soul.

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