KikkiNight on 10/08/2015

Chloe | FL | 17 | ♐

Ello I'm Chloe you can call me clo or aiko don't really mind.
I'm 17 I live in Florida
Um.. I guess I can be a shy person at first.
But after a few mins of getting to know you
will be the best of buds. I like to make people laugh so I'm
always joking and playing around. I enjoy talking to people an
making friends but I don't always talk first. I'm also kinda straight forward
at times I don't try to be but that's how i come off sometime. So
if you don't like that kinda of stuff we might not get along since i tend
to tell the truth I am sorry. I do sometimes hold grudges depending
on what you do. But other than that I'm just a playful loving person.
I love music, Sweets, Mint Tea, Anime,
Drawling and most of all food... seriously
food and music is bae....
If you want to know anything else just ask me

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