.::L A D Y M A Y P L E::.

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/22


♡ Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Current Quest:
Undecided ♥~♫

.::About the L A D Y::.

♡ Hello, I'm L A D Y M A Y P L E.
But you can call me Lady, May, Mayple, or Muffin if you'd like.

Relationship Status: Taken

I love:
Pandas and elephants
Ceramics everything
Cream & Blue.

I am:
An artist. (Potter/Ceramicist)
An avid reader.
A "blanket queen".
Very weird person.
Collector of Pillow Pets. (4 and counting!)
A Pokemon trainer at heart. (pm me for friendcodes!)

Been a member since 2006. (Various accounts)
Other account:
Mayple Leaf ♥~♫


.::Words From Others::.

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d a n d y - f a t - c a t Report | 10/09/2014 9:04 pm
d a n d y - f a t - c a t
I'm good, you?
Differential Ira Report | 05/16/2014 8:53 am
Differential Ira
hey....saw your status.....hope you are ok.
Icepuppies Report | 02/27/2014 7:18 pm
What a cue little fox you are! heart
Icepuppies Report | 01/05/2014 6:09 pm
Hey, that's close enough. ;]
Icepuppies Report | 01/03/2014 7:26 pm
Nah, I'm not really a good resolutioner xD
I'm not very good at setting long term goals, short term is more my style, like daily goals, LOL xD
Real short term, I suppose xD though I guess it leads to one longer termed goal though, so..

How about you?
Icepuppies Report | 01/03/2014 8:53 am
It was pretty dang good!
The family that I like was over xD
It was a blast xD They're a great bunch . ;p
Icepuppies Report | 12/28/2013 4:33 pm
Soo, how was your holidays?!
Did they love your homemade gifts?
Muzeeki Report | 12/27/2013 10:45 pm
how are things?
wolftera Report | 12/25/2013 10:23 pm
Oh, haha. Actually, I have the same problem with the message thing. You have to make the message longer or you need to change the Title. That is what you have to do so it does not say you can not send the message thing.
wolftera Report | 12/25/2013 9:29 pm
Oh, I had Rookie Detective like 1-2 times actually. It can probably be glitch.