Kyaa, heellooo helloooo! I haven't updated my profile for the longest time, soo TAA DAAA!!! =3 I probably shouldn't do this on lack of sleep and too much sugar, but ohhh thheee fuunn <3 ~~is this annoying yet?
Haha, on a serious note, this is Kyuuketsuki_no_Yami, feel free to call me Kyuu for short. Please do not call me derogatory terms unless I know you well enough that I won't take offense... actually, I probably won't take offense, just taken aback by ill-manners. -rambling on and onandonandon...- I have been on Gaia...since... '06. I've yet to amass large amounts of fame and gold, but I've met a good sum of people here, some to whom I still keep in contact.
Somethings to know about me include:
~I like manga. I love manga. MANGAMANGAMANGARAWR =3
> I like comedy and action mangas the best.
> Anime is awesome too.
~I like art. Art is delish <3
> I like art to be drawn for me.
> I like to draw art for others. I just don't have a good time management so I tend to not finish said art in a timely manner. ^.^''
~I like FOOD. Food is meant to be enjoyed and shared.
>I like eating snack foods, like cookies...I like to bake, too. =3
~There's a lot of things I like ^o^
~I dislike:
>Rude people.
>Ignorance...to the degree of not wishing to learn yet deeming oneself valid.
>...and I can't think of anything else right now =P Bad or good thing? Idk

Nyah, I love animals, too, and that is all I can think of to write at the moment.
Send a pm my way if you're up for chatting. Don't send beggar mail... not appreciated, thanks.



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Lol thats cool! Nah I dont play any pc games mostly because i got a terrible computer! stare

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Lol oh geez a whole year! Im good with school and work gaia has just drifted out of my memory! I probably not even back yet! rofl Did you get off gaia for a year cuz you forgot? Or were too busy?
Bellatrix Briar Artemis

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Bellatrix Briar Artemis

Thank you for your purchase, heart

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i only dig holes in the sad. it's cold. BRRR

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beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaach! biggrin cool do you like building sand castles?

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if you mean extremely golden and nekkid, then yes!

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hello, Kyuu!

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I know not if you come back on Kyuu! But I shall stop by to say Hi! cuz if your on my friends list then you are important to me! 3nodding

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for me its GazettE,Miyavi,Gackt,D=out,SuG,MoNoLith

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mmm imma always stay with the gazette on that question,they werre they first i heard of jrock


~ Thank you iRAWRGORE ~