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Age: 19
Birthday: Octocer 20....
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Cat...hehe...i wish at heart i really am the year of the cat((but techniqueally I'm a Monkey...*sigh*....))
Celestial Zodiac: Libra...*i have a purrfectly balance attitude*...hehe...
Favorite Color: Black and Red...
Favorite Music: Rock, punk, some country, r&b, some rap, alternative, and foreign....
Interests: reading, writing, drawing, anime/manga, character designing, videogames, getting on the computer, and...*yawn*...zzzz..*wakes up*...Sleeping/napping....*yawn*...
Favorite Movies: The Hitcher, Transformers, The Day After Tomorrow, Twilight, Saw 1 2 &3, Handcock and anything else that horror, anime, or action....
Favorite Director: Hayou Miyazaki
Favorite TV Shows: Anything anime, true life, and that's about t.v. may be on in my room doesn't mean I'm watching it though....

I like making fanfics, drawing character, and writting with my friends Neela and Momiji...*yawn*...

*naruto and Fruits basket are my fav animes/mangas they are the most interesting ones i own...i also own over 250 manga and 10 animes....**

I'm in college finally ugh how great so i don't get on as much as i would like to neither do any of my friends anymore.


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Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/25/2014 1:27 pm
Brotak Kryaga
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/25/2014 12:57 pm
Brotak Kryaga
its been boring
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/25/2014 12:55 pm
Brotak Kryaga
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/25/2014 12:53 pm
Brotak Kryaga
how have ya been?
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/25/2014 12:47 pm
Brotak Kryaga
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/20/2014 3:27 pm
Brotak Kryaga
Landing beside her falling from his ship as he grabs her by the collar."This planet is damned we are leaving."
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/19/2014 1:38 am
Brotak Kryaga
No longer to be seen.
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/18/2014 9:36 pm
Brotak Kryaga
Brotak looked down at her and shook his head."Its done. nothing more"with that he gave her his back , walked into the distance.
Jude Essence Report | 03/18/2014 1:53 pm
Jude Essence
The angel walked towards the two out of curiosity. "So you pitied her weakness and tried to teach her to stand up for herself? That actually doesn't sound like you in some ways, Brotak." he brushed his soft brown hair and yawned. "Watching you enslaving people kinda makes me want to get one for myself..." The lord was really considering it now.
Brotak Kryaga Report | 03/18/2014 1:13 pm
Brotak Kryaga
brotak took the alert of the angel and grabbed at the blade with his gloved palm, feeling it burn at his palm but really didn't pay mind to that. since he was use to the burning and sting of the tal'sa materiel.
He would pull it off her grip and toss it to the side and slam a kick onto her gut letting go of her wrist and letting her be tossed by the force of his kick to the ground."I gave her free will not freedom." he looked over to her as he watched his palm heal slowly. then looked at jude. "Thanks i knew what she was to do, this session is over." He grinned at her and walked over to her.


i love to draw!! thi is one i worked really hard on! (no stealing!!)
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This is my friend Momiji/Kerato. she is the most hyper person of my friends but i guess that's why i keep her around...hehe... jk I love this Damn rabbit...

This is Neela. She is one of my best friends... she is an amazing artist. i love her ocs too... she can be a pervert sometimes...hehe... but she is awesome...

This is my friend Haru/Hatori she is freaking awesome at drawing. Somehow she is my momma duck so I'm a cat-duck i know i don't quite understand either...

This is my friend Garfield... He always makes me laugh and brightens my day, i love him(friend)... So freaking funny and sweet...

This is my friend Kira she is so weird but freaking cool... i just really met her this year and she is a good artist 2...

This is Bebo he's awesome. He's a Hyena. he's one of Neela's friends and mine now ^^... he's really fun to talk too. ^^

This is Rumah he's a good friend I met in one of Chachii's threads and he an awesome roleplayer...

This is Misha/Toxic Fox. she's my fox friend ^^..she make awesome OCs and roleplays..

This is Chachii my awesome Turtle friemd he a weird perverted guy.. O.O OH DAMN!! i think he's hungry...*run*

The Best People In MY Life. ((they're the ones that make my life livable. i love them all!))