[[ The Biscuit ]]

My name is Danielle, but you can call me Ky or Biscuit for nicknames if you'd like.
I'm a level 21, legendary, grape-jelly butter Biscuit. I'm also an INFP + Aries-Pisces cusp. ♈ ♓
I consider my personality weird but shy when faced with new situations.
I'm more introverted than social.
I'm typically very friendly though and open to conversation, depending upon my mood. I like to be random and joke around about a lot.
I'm honest and straightforward, and really dislike dishonesty of any kind.
I'm into video games and anime. Space, horror, crime, supernatural, paranormal, futuristic, and apocalyptic themes interest me.
I also enjoy movies, tv shows, sleeping when I get the chance, eating, swimming, writing, and listening to music; alternative, rock and electronic being my favorite genres.
I have a passion for learning anything and everything psychology related.
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