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I see you!

Plz talk to me I am lonely

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DoubleIift Report | 04/08/2015 4:19 pm
I love you current avatar. Hope you've been well. I see you posting on Tumblr a lot. Maybe we should talk more? I may or may not come back to Gaia if you do because everyone has left me. confused
Eilish Larkin Report | 02/01/2015 10:59 am
Try not to take it too personally. Gaia is on it's last legs & I'm suspecting fewer and fewer people are hanging out on here nowadays. Killing off zOMG was the final straw for me.
Hope things are otherwise going well for you! emotion_hug
Itami Nai Report | 01/03/2015 8:30 pm
Yeah but still. Money is nice too biggrin
Itami Nai Report | 01/03/2015 1:02 am
Its not too bad. You get used to it pretty quickly. Just excited to go back to college because it means whatever free time I have is actually free time! biggrin
Itami Nai Report | 01/01/2015 10:49 pm
Ive been working 40-50 hours a week my whole vacation hehe. Isnt life wonderful ^__^
Itami Nai Report | 12/31/2014 9:25 pm
Nyah got some cool stuff, spent some time with family but mainly just worked which is lame. Oh well, how was yours?
Itami Nai Report | 12/25/2014 12:04 pm
Merry Christmas! biggrin
Eilish Larkin Report | 12/15/2014 9:59 pm
A good attitude/outlook to have! Indeed, the holidays feel significantly less magical once the grown up responsibilities kick in. Every year I feel guilty for how oblivious my siblings & I were as to the amount of effort my parents, especially my mom, made in creating that "Magical Christmas" for us each year. I honestly don't know where she got the energy from. Definitely a labour of love.
Here's hoping for some peaceful & quiet moments for both of us!
Eilish Larkin Report | 12/14/2014 11:51 am
Saw your status. I hope you're able to rest up and take a break over the holidays. It's unfortunate that the holidays always seem to be preceded by such stress and hecticness. Hang in there. emotion_hug
DoubleIift Report | 12/10/2014 1:58 am
Why hello there. We haven't spoken in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you. I hope you're well. I feel like we keep saying we're gonna keep in touch, but then one of us just gets busy with life. It happens, though.

Do you have any plans for the holidays? I honestly haven't been working very much lately. I worked a s**t ton over Black Friday week, and then my manager just kinda decided not to schedule me for like a week. Literally, he hasn't scheduled me for like 4 days now. Let me know if you want anything for Christmas on Gaia.

Sadly, I can't give you a gift in person, but I feel like I owe you at least a little something, you know? You should totally text me once you get this message. I'd text you, but I don't wanna feel like I'm being awkward since we just randomly stopped speaking with each other all of a sudden. There's also something that I have to tell you (again), lol. I think I said something along those lines last time we hadn't spoken in a while, but this time it's even more important.

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