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    "Once you meet someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return."

    Hey Sapfire~ (;
    So I've known you since like, last summer and I quess we've become really super close and s**t even thouqh it feels like we just met yesterday. Time flies when you're having fun, riqht? Reqardless, we're bffs now, obvs. Not only that, but we make a really qood team, too (No one will qet why I'm typinq like this but you). (;
    I have to say, in the year we've known each other, you've been a really qreat friend. Every time I have relationship problems, or any problems in qeneral, you're there for me. That's pretty sweet, ye. Not only that, but you're really funny too (complete with a beautiful sinqinq voice). TBH I feel like I'm writinq a truth is on facebook, so I can't help but stop here sorry, but ye, know that you're amazinq and I couldn't ask for a better friend. You're truly a qift from Jesus. (;
    BTW I still have to come to Florida to kick Ben and Nick's asses, and tell Dan to watch his ehehehe.

    Hacked by Mofo-ing Mary c; c; c;
    Omg omg omg hi Kyouko. Hello sexy beast.
    Okay, so, this chick. <3 There's so much about her that makes me love her. Her kawaiidesu voice, her rants, her screaming, omg I just love her. exceptwhenshementionsthe3rdPokemonmovie ANYWAYS so uhm, yeah. She's been there for me so much, and we only met like, 4 months ago? Idr, it was too long ago and I love her. Do me a favor, okay? Don't ******** with her or I'll send little doggies at you to rip you limb from limb. <3 kthnxbaaaii.

    Kyouko Nariko

    -Data Found-
    Name: Kyouko Nariko.
    Meaning: Apricot Thunder.
    Age: 17.
    DOB: December 17th.
    Height: 5’2.
    Weight: 120lbs.
    Body Build: Kyouko is flat figured, with a chest and a waist to prove it.
    Eyes: Chocolate brown.
    Hair: Light brown.
    Length: Mid-waist.
    - She will always try to have it held up, usually by hair elastics. She also enjoys accessorizing it with ribbons, headbands, cute clips, etc.
    Nationality: Italian/Japanese.
    Blood type: B
    - Some say the people with B type blood are independent and stronger-willed; that they tend not to care about what others think about them. They hold the things dear to them close, often get caught up in task and will ignore other things until it is completed, and can be shallow and impatient.

    Appearance: Kyouko’s eyes are just slightly larger than most, and she almost always has her hair up, often accompanied by a ribbon, headband or a clip. She is most commonly seen in a variety of outfits.

    Personality: She is independent and won't let people get in her way. Kyouko is a very rude girl, always sure she’s right, and she hates it when people try to tell her otherwise. If she has a problem with someone, they’ll be sure to know it. In short, she’s hot tempered, close minded, rude, and somewhat selfish.

    Strong Point: Great leadership skills.
    Weak Points: Stubborn to a fault.

    -Likes and Dislikes-
    Favorite Food: Stuffed mushroom caps.
    Least Favorite Food: Chicken.
    Favorite Class: Art. (Even if Kyouko can't draw well, she still enjoys being in the class.)
    Least Favorite Class: Home Ec. /Cooking (She can't really cook, leading to her ordering out and gaining weight.)
    Favorite Color: Orange. (Although she hardly wears it.)
    Overall Favorite Things: Animals, stars, music, books, swimming, plushies, cute things, ribbons, visual novels, dating sims.
    Overall Least Favorite Things: Being told what to do, loud noises, being alone, thunder/lighting storms, the dark.

    ✭ M e m o r i e s.✭


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/me hugs
How you been? c:

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asdfghhjk omg! Me too! 8D
*Huggles* I think we're going to get along ;D

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Ohh yes! >:3
Do you have a Yandere OC? >w>"


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Haha. My OC's name is Myuu.

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But I find your OC too adorable she reminds me of mine sort of. c:

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Haha no problemo ;D
You can't help being so kyoot. >w>"

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Wow. You seem like a qt pie with dat profile and stuff.
Fated Vanitas

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Fated Vanitas

It's a good song. u vu


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