Twenty-five, 12/18/88, Ohio

Hello there. I'm long time, ten-year Gaian, Kyoto Tushoni. I don't do much... but before Gaia exploded I tried to become a more, prolific member... Real life happened. So I'm just another guy around Gaia.

I've had my Avatar featured:
Week of May 27th 2013 (thought it kept the actual featured avi, it does not)
Pets Wrote:

---Chikaraashi (male)
---Midoriiro (male)
---Fuu (female)
---Cliff (male)
---Penellope (female)
---Chifuyuki (????)
---Kyoufu (????)

If anyone reads this, I'm trying to figure out how I can make a Nidoking Avatar cosplay... I have no where near the knowledge of all the Gaia items anymore, there are just too many. So I could use a little help just putting one together, conceptually. THANKS!


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Hey Kyoto biggrin
It's sparky888
Just saying Hii. :3
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Closed On Sunday

I will agree on the shithole part lol, I'm not a fan very much, it takes a bit of getting used to.
The South West area I guess, yourself?
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Closed On Sunday

Ohio, that's where my dorm is! emotion_kirakira

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Thanks for buying yum_pumpkinpie

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ok this avi is one f the most epic thing i have seen on gaia.
i mean, ok i play yu gi oh and this is fuken awesome!!!
i just can't not think of an epic yu gi card biggrin
totally deserved the feature!
hugs bye

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omg! emotion_jawdrop dude this has been the far best profile I've ever seen emotion_kirakira and plus sick avi too!~ emotion_yatta congratz for being featured

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Congrads on being a Featured Avi emotion_dowant

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Congrats dear! emotion_kirakira
Skull Dandy

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Skull Dandy

Heh, sorry. Try something else?
Skull Dandy

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Skull Dandy

Hehe, well pokemon are a hard piece to cosplay here. cat_xp


Heimerdinger as a cat[/b][/color]

Join me in some League of Legends gaming smilies/icon_biggrin.gif