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hihi i'm aileen. i'm a 19 y/old meme loving ******** and i use too much slang for my own good and wow i just can't stop thinking about memes.

also also, she/her pronouns, please.

i mostly lurk and creep on gcd/site feedback. (actual picture of me creeping.)

i'm bad at replying, so sorry in advance. i'm not ignoring you, i just...idek but ignoring you is not the reason. (´・ω・`)

i'm really fake and problematique, so plz don't hesitate to drag me, snatch my tea, or spill that truth honey all over me, yassssssss farewell felicity.

i have a bit of a potty mouth, not a huge huge one ********" gets some usage daily so yeah sorry bout that oops.

currently into: pokemon, sailor moon, LOTR (i'm the first black elf tbh), asoiaf/got (team stannis), ava's demon, kyary, verbal jint, beenzino, simon d, 1D (niall!! ❤ ❤ ❤), jesse mccartney

currently playing: acnl, pokemon reborn, rf4 (vishnal is my bby boo ❤)

uh i'll add more stuff later.

(previously bwazzam/chuboki.)

So I heard you like mupkinds?