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Hey. My name is Alicia Gabb. You can call me Mimi or Carmine. Which ever you want to. My hoes are Natt, Jia, and Scarlette. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE them. I'm not like usual girls and at some points of my life, I wish I was a dude, just so that I could walk around shirtless. My favorite band of all time is Asking Alexandria. I'm overly obsessed with them. My favorite music is screamo. I hate country -.- it annoys me. I'm very artistic and love to draw. When I'm mad I draw out what I'm thinking or when I'm sad and soooo on. I love anime such as Elfen Lied, Spice & Wolf, Lucky Star , etc. My favorite colors are black, red, yellow, and green. I love cats :3. They're just AWESOME to me. Anyways... enough about me. Have a great day.

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Birthday: 03/24