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They took my cookie

Gee2Heart on 11/23/2015

Waste your time stalking this "important" info

Hi! I'm Kye.
[INTP/INFP] [DA] [Immature] [Semi Hiatus]
Please don't take me seriously, you'll regret it and hire a hitman.
I'm generally a nice person. Although I do have a limit to tolerate s**t.

Feel free to drop in a message and say Hi!
Because half of the time I don't know how to say 'Hi' OTL...

I give up making any sense out of this section. I don't know what to write. If you really wanna know me, just talk to me c:

D-Do you really wanna know me? Awwwww. Too bad, this 'me' section is highly inaccurate since there's two sides of me... I think???? //cries I TRY TO BE NICE YOU KNOW, but I'm no saint.

I am a brick. Yes a brick, I live solely on bricks. Probably you could say that I'm a cannibal. Yeah, are you scared? You better be scared. Bruh.

- Truth be told I am shy, and I get intimidated easily, so don't be surprised if I never talk to you //becausethatsmerunningaway //brick'd.
- I have no dignity please excuse me.
- I'm a terrible worry-wart and a potato.
- Pretty chill and always down for random convos that won't make sense
- Keep note that I'm the worse person to actually stay in contact, I CAN GET LAZY WHEN IT COMES TO SOCIALISING. I'm so sorry q____q But I do enjoy having conversation with every one of you even if I don't reply back-- (because I can forget after procrastinating)
- Wall of texts scare me away half of the time..................

This 'excuse of a human being' gave me a reason to live and keep trudging on with through my own obstacles that I thought was a dead end. I owe my life this sack of UGHDGUDFHGHUKSF //stares.

Seriously this 'about me' is going nowhere- Why don't you just drop in and say hi?


Art by me

Gonna be gone for awhile, sorry <3

Currently: //brick'd


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