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Amduseus on 08/19/2014


HII- Hii! Please don't run away! I'm not that scary!

I'm, currently on indefinite hiatus, see you soon/later!!

Welcome to my profile~ It's not that much. I'm not really the one to talk or start convos most of the time, I guess you're just curious to see who I am or hopefully to see what I look like. Well no luck over here bro! You'll usually find me hanging around in Word Game forum or sometimes hanging in either Towns 2 or Hollywood. There's not a lot about me, I mean you could shoot me up a pm. But overall my personality changes with different people, so I swear I can't just give out one. I'm always trying to be nice, so if you do find me mean, I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO.

Deviant: Concealed Idiot
LoL(euw): Felix Heart
TM: Kyemairi

What else do you want to know about me?

Oh right I never told you about the stuff I like. Let's see.. I love hanging around in WG. I like dogs, drawing random stuff especially the eyes. Uh.. Listening to music as well. I really hate heights, going to the deep-end of anything. That's really intimidating. I really hate swimming in the sea, sea creatures makes me go guh. I don't like slimy stuff.

I am...
A homestucker, a student, that person who like to draw, lazy bum, pretty shy at times or really talkative for no reason and drag strangers into conversations that changes topic every 5 minutes. Your call. BUT I can be really antisocial at times which lasts for a few days to a few weeks, I'd always come up with excuses when someone tries to text me.

One of my many excuses:
"My phone broke.."
"I'm grounded."
"I think the SMS isn't working"
"My battery died."
"I lost my phone"
"It's with my parents"
"Really? I didn't get your text. *Deletes text while 'looking' for it*"


On indefinite hiatus.
Thank you Snarky for the items! ; u;

"Sorry for the troubles that I've caused.."

Currently: Aqua
Ignis' younger twin sister. She's heavily influenced by Ignis, she can be cunning in her own ways as she always slips out of trouble.

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