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Report | 03/28/2015 7:38 pm


oh yeah man I get you.
it's really hot outside but the AC is on full-blast indoors. crying

I'm starting a new quarter of college. part of me is excited but mostly I'm just dreading all the work. :c

hope your headaches feel better soon! could it be allergies?
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Report | 03/27/2015 9:59 pm


SRSLY! the items now are like.... in the crazy billions and trillions. Thats.... insane =-= !!

BUT OMG!! Im watching Akatsuki no Yona too !!! SOOOO GOOODDD biggrin !!!!! *swoons*

OH~! ... and I didn't realize that I sorta caught you up a bit with whats been going on with me ~~ check your pm babe ~~ @A@!! sorry if I am repetitive. My mind has been all over the place !!! *goes crazys*
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Report | 03/27/2015 11:53 am


Why don't you go to sleep now so you don't wear yourself out too much, and when your work day is over, send me a message mrgreen We'll talk~
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Report | 03/27/2015 11:46 am


Go to bed you crazy woman! XD
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Report | 03/27/2015 11:39 am


Drink lots of water, that will help ^^
I only get to spend time with my family on my days off, and those are hard to find lately.
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Report | 03/27/2015 11:34 am


Why thank you~!
Try to have a good day at work <3
I am good, I have the day off work today so I'm going to spend it with my husband and my mom. emotion_c8
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Report | 03/26/2015 6:28 pm


ahhhh thank you so much for the gift ; u ;
I just logged in after a long hiatus
thanks so much!

(made me feel better about getting kicked out of verge LOL)
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Report | 03/24/2015 5:08 pm

Myst Fende

Haha, but what if I look poor both online and offline? But no, I get what you mean. It's just nice to have things.

And aww, thanks. I TRIED. When we all first moved from TM over here, a lot of my old TM friends helped me out and gave me some nice items, so I was grateful for that back then. Yeah, I don't really have real money to be spending either. Nowhere decent around here is hiring, and the places that are all hate me, haha. *sobs* What do you do for work? I think I saw on your profile you're a transcriptionist?? I'm not sure what that is.

Haha, and it's alright to hoard. Maybe in a few years it'll be worth a ton, eh?
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Report | 03/24/2015 12:14 pm

Myst Fende

Hehe, you almost looked like sheik from zelda. Maybe it was the hair. wink

It's going pretty nicely! I've only finished one drawing though and I already feel like I'm losing steam,haha. But it's nice to get items finally. I've lived on here for so long being poor and ugly!! Haha.
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Report | 03/23/2015 9:43 pm

Myst Fende

Your avatar is the hottest of the hot.
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Report | 03/22/2015 2:09 pm

Myst Fende

I don't think I did know her! Thanks for the link, though. Oh man, I want to ask her for a price check but I don't want to annoy her...this random stranger begging for favors, haha. I went ahead and set up an art shop, sooooo we'll see what happens. *explosions sound off in the distance*
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Report | 03/22/2015 1:30 pm

Myst Fende

That's nice of your friend!! Art shops are so tricky, I kind of hate starting one off. I'm so bad at dealing with people; I feel so awkward talking to them and trying to figure stuff out. I saw your deviantArt gallery!! I followed you! Such cute stuff. I SEE TM ON THERE AHHHHHH. MY HEARTTTTTTTT.

I THINK I JUST MIGHT. I'll never learn if I never try! Oh man, I'm getting all nervous thinking about it. OTL OTL OTL

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Report | 03/22/2015 12:57 pm

Myst Fende

Oh, how strange! It just showed up as a white box for me, haha.

I really liked Windows 7.... I've gotten used to Windows 8, but it was like..."what the heck is even going ON???" at first, haha.

Did you see the little Evangelion short that released recently?? It was really cool; I loved it. AND KAWORU'S FACE, if only for a moment. SIGH.

Yeah, I've been trying to get people to price check my art in the forums, but I've only received one opinion in the past three days, haha. Dang, it's slow moving in these forums! I have half a mind to just open up a shop and be like JUST OFFER I DON'T EVEN CARE. Do you draw too? I feel like you do, but I can't remember now!!
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Report | 03/22/2015 12:21 pm

Myst Fende

Dang it, it looks like Tinypic isn't working right now, so if it isn't then HERE:
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Report | 03/22/2015 12:19 pm

Myst Fende

Th-there's still hope for it to all happen in 4.0... *sobs* They do have Akira Ishida signed up for the voice acting and I am CROSSING MY FINGERS that it's for more than just flashbacks. OH man. OOOH MAN.

Hmmm...I don't remember Rei meeting Shinji's mom! Do you remember around which episode? It's true I haven't watched the series in so long, and even then, there's so much going on it all gets jumbled up! As I understand it, the first Rei clone was the little one who called Ritsuko's mother an "old hag", haha. THAT PART WAS TERRIBLE. And then, because of that, she was killed, and we see Rei II for most of the series until she DIES and then we get Rei III at the end. Not cool. And then all those creepy Rei's in the LCL (I'm guessing it was LCL?) that Ritsuko kills in...is it End of Evangelion?? Or at least at the end of the series. Man. I'm so sad about Rebuild how the main Rei probably died. I don't like the new Rei. Ahhhh. *squirms*

It must be my browser. I noticed my profile appears differently depending on which device I'm using....that's super annoying. I work so hard to make my profile pretty and it's probably all wonky on everyone elses'! Haha. Oh well. This is what it looks like on my browser: http://tinypic.com/r/51oh8g/8

Haha, yeah, I sold a lot of my items on Gaia before the evil marketplace shot up into the billions. So I had a few million which, back then, seemed like a lot, and then it turned into dirt. I was so sad! But I didn't know. If only I had held onto them... *tears*

Thanks!! And I dunno about the hair! I really would love to find a hair like Minato's from P3, but I'm waiting to open an art shop and hopefully get some MONEY so I can actually get hair. Like...they have so many hair items, there's got to be one that looks like it, right?? Minato has such stylish hair... *happy sigh*
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Report | 03/21/2015 10:05 pm

Myst Fende

YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE IN JAPAN. I'm jealous. Very adorable.

AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. No one can resist Kaworu's charm. wink What does "bible-yaoi boys" mean though? I like Shinji and Rei also!! Though it's kinda messed up since that's sort of his mom, I guess?? HAHA. OH WELL, DON'T CARE. They're so sweet to each other, especially in the Rebuild movies. The end of 2.0 just gets me every time. I tried looking at your OTP list on your profile, but there's a little person in the way of scrolling on my screen and I can't get to it! ;__; SADNESS. HEY, I SEE ME ON YOUR PROFILE!! WOOHOO!!! biggrin

Haha yeah, I was on the TM trading site a lot there. I really liked that site; it was super helpful. Gaia's marketplace is nice, too, in a different way.

OOOH!! YEAH. Freaking Protagonist's Choice. Trust me, if I had that item, angels would sing all day and all night long, haha. I think this is a Persona item, but just not as fancy. The Rainy Day one. It even says in the description "After several days of rain, the fog will come." But it's still available for purchase in the stores so it's pretty cheap! Yay! Thanks!!
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Report | 03/21/2015 1:52 am

Myst Fende

Oooh my gosh, (speaking of dead ships) I think my favorite ship of all time (which is weird considering they're basically boys) is freaking Kaworu/Shinji from Evangelion. KAWORU IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL oh my gosh. But yeah, again with the tragic dead boy ship. I absolutely hate it. But...I also love it. ??? Like, honestly, I think it's mostly just because of Kaworu...I love those mysterious angelic assuring types... *floats into the clouds*

Oh! You traded a lot then? I know I used to frequent the forums a lot back then too, which I don't do here... I'm trying to start doing that again because I miss chatting with people, but the forums are just intimidating here for some reason! I don't know why!!!!

The jacket itself that my avatar is wearing is "Rainy Day" but then I used the "Noon Swamplands Circe" for the arms. Does it look weird? I can't tell. I like their legs and arms to be doing something rather than just laying by their sides, but sometimes that takes sacrifice, haha. OTL
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Report | 03/21/2015 1:25 am

Myst Fende

JEAN AND MARCOOOOO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. *wards away bad memories* I still can't believe...can't beliieveeeee what hAPPENNEDDDD. So sad. I am pretty sure it's 90% the fandoms fault for talking so much about it, but gosh, my heart just breaks for Jean. And Marco too, since...well, you know, I'm sure he didn't want to DIE A TERRIBLE PAINFUL DEATH. WHY!?!?!?!?!?! That is a good ship, I won't deny. It just hurts.

Yeah, haha, I made an account also, but I couldn't do much and I didn't know anyone I knew had an account so...I gave up. I'm not even sure if I'd remember my username on there. Oh well, not like I'll be learning Japanese anytime soon, and I don't want to spend anymore money to have it tossed away...like freaking TM... *hiss hiss*

That's cool your friend is on there, though. I don't think I ever knew her! In fact, I don't remember how I met like 99% of the people I met on TM, haha. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW WE MET??
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Report | 03/20/2015 11:54 pm

Myst Fende

HAHA. I just noticed your profile has a bunch of Levi x Erwin right after I put that. HAHA. Sorry, I hope I didn't offend you! Honestly, I never watched the little special on how Levi made it into the military with Erwin's encouragement and all that. I meant to but...ah...so much stuff I mean to do that I still have yet to get to. I know Levi is actually not that young (isn't he 30-something??) but he seems like a teen to me still so it's like......CONFUSING IN MY HEAD. Oh well.

But oh my gosh, there is a lot of REALLY nice artwork of Levi and Erwin. Holy smokes. And surprisingly, a lot of Eren and Jean???? I guess they both have a lot of firey spirit, haha.

Oh no! Sorry to bring back the sad memories. I feel like I'm still waiting for it to come back, but it's already been several years. Man...I still remember the morning I got the notice it was shutting down. Miserable. I still am really surprised, considering how WIDE and crazy the internet is, that there isn't anything like it! Well, we've got Gaia, but Gaia is just...not the same... There has got to be a demand for this somehow!! They're probably all in Japanese. SIGH. I need to learn Japanese. I actually get their emails for their Japanese Selfy site, haha! I can't read any of it, but I look at all the cool things that they get on their site and cry little tears on the inside.
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Report | 03/20/2015 11:30 pm

Myst Fende

Wow...they sure picked up a different style.... It's cool they're branching out and all, but...I wish they had stuck with their other style. IT WAS PERFECTION. Ah well. OH MAN, HECK YEAH, TEN COUNT!! TELL ME HOW YOU LIKE IT AS YOU READ ITTTTTTTTTTTTTtt.

Yeah, I barely see any yuri on Tumblr at all. It's kind of weird now that I think about it. I sometimes will see the vampire and bubblegum girls from Adventure Time and they're cool, but like...besides that....not really. OH! Like you said, SnK. Ymir and the little tiny blonde girl I see a lot of. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOLY SMOKES, I SEE SOOOOO MUCH ERWIN AND LEVI ON TUMBLR. IT'S INSANNEEE. I don't really get why they're such a popular ship! I've got to admit, though I don't really follow SnK that well, I like Levi and Eren better... Oh well. Erwin is just not my type.

But yeah, I prefer yaoi to yuri definitely. I am very much fond of guys, everything about them is just aljdfkjasldkjfadf redface Boobs just don't do it for me, haha.

You did a good job finding a combo that works! I wouldn't have ever guessed you had any problems. I'm so bad at matching outfits on here in general....it takes so long. And when your inventory is limited, it's even harder to match things, haha. Oh man, I remember back in the TM days, my closet was like...justttt how I wanted it. *sniff sniff* I LOVED TM. WHY DID IT HAVE TO GOOOO??!?!?!/
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