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Report | 01/24/2015 10:08 pm

Sokumei Ame

Hey sorry i haven't been on lately either been really busy and merry belated Christmas and new years to you to heart
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Report | 01/15/2015 12:55 pm


hope you are feeling well now n_n heart
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Report | 01/15/2015 9:44 am


Haha that's okay xD Wouldn't want you to lose your job over something like this |D
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Report | 01/15/2015 9:09 am


Waah my gaia didn't even tell me you'd left me a comment Dx Sorry!

That sounds like tough work D:
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Report | 01/14/2015 6:53 am


You are very welcome and thank you! smile
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Report | 01/13/2015 11:02 pm

Myst Fende

Oh no - fever!! I hope you feel better soon! I'm sending healing waves to you!!
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Report | 01/11/2015 3:54 pm

Reika Yuzuhiro

Ikr? that's too hard to find the rare one on the item O A O

is that for the real?! awwwh gurl thank you very much ; A ;
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Report | 01/11/2015 1:26 pm

Emmie The Strange

Hi hi.
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Report | 01/11/2015 8:57 am

Menaiah Kayga

Greetings to you.
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Report | 01/11/2015 6:45 am

ugIy en fat

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Report | 01/10/2015 4:59 am

Reika Yuzuhiro

See? and so I'm pretty sure most of people even crying with this ; m ;

and that's not enough to either buy anything with gcash or vending, I'm probably can cry over this site lol
Reika Yuzuhiro's avatar

Report | 01/10/2015 4:45 am

Reika Yuzuhiro

REALLY?! YAAASSSS I'm not alone who ship them lovely birds too <3

especially for new items, I'm questing on those items so when I checked them prices certain marketplace and violaaaa~ a bunch of trillions and been achieved lololol
Reika Yuzuhiro's avatar

Report | 01/10/2015 4:34 am

Reika Yuzuhiro

and it helps me gonna to not be able to online on this site anymore ; A ;
gaia always eats users money and besides that these vendors always inflating items, how ironic.

btw on your status : lol that's what Tsukiyama says rofl
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Report | 01/07/2015 12:11 pm


Oh? I've never seen that show ;v; I've meant to but just haven't gotten there yet heh

I'm ok I guess. How about you? What kind of job do you have? ouo
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Report | 01/06/2015 12:10 pm

Emmie The Strange

I have been busy doing typical stuff.
Trying to catch a breath really.
How about yourself?
Emmie The Strange's avatar

Report | 01/01/2015 2:58 pm

Emmie The Strange

Ah yes Happy New Years!

And to be honest I do not know those items.
I have been so busy I do not know anything these days.
I am so out of style lol.
Reika Yuzuhiro's avatar

Report | 12/29/2014 6:27 pm

Reika Yuzuhiro

It is and I got that vile one instead.
but still I wanted that item so bad and for my collection also Cx

awww yass that doll has a adorable scarf tho ; n ;
teehee don't worry gaia must be make the similar scarf on one of limited items lol

aah I read it and NUUUUUU.....why sasuke must with sakura?!
I think I prefer Sakura with Rock Lee though, that makes me heart-pieces lol emo

I hope so and there's nothing happened here x'D
and finally it becomes sunny again <3333

that's too much episode must watch ; x ;
you must watch it! it is one of the best anime in 2014

so are my sister and parents, they're even busy working till almost evening omg x'''D
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Report | 12/28/2014 6:18 pm

Reika Yuzuhiro

yosh you're very welcome... emotion_kirakira

I think bad reputation is the one of hilarious item here and so is that sexy abs!! wheeeeeee that's why I could die if I saw that item so ;; v ;;

Ikr? but that was just a past, though :3
and we have some promise that we wouldn't repeat that incident anymore~

aah I mean it's more like "cheer up" lmao my apology for that another typo duh ; A ;
//stretches over head


hmmm I think so, or better if I get concern about my education first instead of working hard x'D

yush I think that raining hard can't stop strikes my region till the end of next month *maybe?!*

I heard about the hiatus of HxH manga, so how's about the anime? D;
how good is it? hmm I guess from it's comedy flavor of romance genre and ridiculous character's manners from there

aah that's totally fine, I knew you're working-hard nowadays due the end of the year will coming x'D
Reika Yuzuhiro's avatar

Report | 12/27/2014 4:08 am

Reika Yuzuhiro

yosh take care with life 4laugh
omg me too /// v ///
Reika Yuzuhiro's avatar

Report | 12/27/2014 3:59 am

Reika Yuzuhiro

*but I fell out of him.....
LOL that typo tho
screw gaya cannot edit comment emotion_facepalm
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