redface Welcome! to my mini store. buy pretty please? ...thank you for buying from my store! emotion_yatta

★ i am friendly but due to work/life sched. i tend to be busy from sunday to friday. and mostly asleep by saturday.
sweatdrop please do not add me without communicating with me or specific reason to do so.
thank you for understanding and complying. sweatdrop .

☑ gift me ( kyashi39 ) ? YESSS!!! would be forever grateful to you~ emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
(/*゚▽゚*)/。.:*・☆.。 i need gold, send trade with gold for my items PwEASE?

=== store info. ===
☑ i accept item trade*, mix*, pure (* depends on what we are trading)
sometimes i disregard value over personal wants. =▽=;;
☑ just PM (personal mail/message) me
☑ discounts 5%, sometimes more than 5% but that depends on my mood
or what happened to me to have such mood.
☒ NO to rudeness pwease ; A ;

top priorities in want/wish list:
❤❤❤Ragged Chill -needs 2x (why is it 300-500b?!?)
❤❤Grouchy Cat -needs 1x
❤❤Precise Inspector -needs: 1x last (orig. cost: 999gcash, MP 170-200b boo!!)
❤❤❤The Purrpaw Family, Astra: Lucky the Cat ( x A x ) why trillion???
ehh..then, i will just wait again until it becomes (10b+)
just like what happened to other used to be rare animal/dolls around. hmpf!

gc item exchange

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in case you are wondering why i do not use apostrophe:
instead, there is a space between an item name and apostrophe
or simply use the complete version of (am, is. are, was, were, will, has, have) it is because it will appear like this ( 's )


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