redface Welcome! to my poor store. buy pretty please? ...thank you! emotion_yatta

(/*゚▽゚*)/。.:*・☆.。 i need gold, send trade with gold for my items PwEASE?

My renewed want List Septermber 2014 (outdated/not yet updated)
☑ gift me ( kyashi39 ) ? YESSS!!! thank you very much!!! emotion_hug emotion_bigheart

☑ want to give me my asking price of whole pure gold coins? then send trade emotion_yatta

if my item is the highest in MP that is because i really need that amount of gold
and most likely not desperate in getting rid of the item i am selling.
i am sorry in advance if i irate you for my greed. i know how it feels too.
---i spent actual money on this site for selected item/s i can afford.
if i am going to sell it out of need for gold coins,
i would rather sell it for the amount i think i would not be sorry if i sell/sold it.
if i am super rich i would not hesitate to sell it lower even than the LBP/ABP
or unless i want to get rid of the item i am selling.

☑ want less tax? then send trade (with minus 5% of tax from the amount)
Calculator Link
☑ yes, i do give big discounts too, just PM me first

☑ pure gaia gold coins ~le wanttt, although i prefer items from my wish list emo
☑ item trades *depends though =▽=;;
☒ NO to rudeness
☒ NO to unfair deals/unprofittable to my side, unless i really like the item/s you offer for my item~

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★my pending Wanted pure★
❤❤❤5-10 or 15 Trillion gaia gold coins
(for shopping spree to gain all items in my wish list //shotdead)

in case you are wondering why i do not use apostrophe:
instead, there is a space between an item name and apostrophe is because it will appear like this ( 's )


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