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Hey guys I'm Kya. I'm 22. I'm currently in school studying both Criminology and Interactive Multimedia Production. So if I don't do Crime Scene Investigation, CGI here I come! I love all kinds of anime, manga, video games and tv shows, and I roleplay constantly.


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Javier Cross Report | 08/25/2013 10:44 am
Javier Cross
(OOC: Your profile pic is still very pretty. redface )
Javier Cross Report | 08/05/2013 12:20 am
Javier Cross
(OOC: Pleased to meet you, KyaKonami. ^_^
Is it acceptable if we may speak? )
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/22/2013 10:43 pm
David glanced away lightly as she wrapped her arms around one of his and told him to get use to being touched. He scratched the side of his head with his free hand. "Yeah, yeah. I'll try. Not an easy habit to break though." He muttered, though a small smile was hidden under his mask. He couldn't remember the last time he actual gave a real smile. Then David watched with raised eyebrows as preforming clowns started walking around the "audience". Then other people came on stage with exoit animals, like lions and tigers. It was like a giant circus. Suddenly David was blind folded. Joker giggled as he tied it tight. "No party is complete without games." Joker spun David around as fast as he could, then late him go. David stumbled, then yelped as he fell off the stage. He growled and removed the blind fold. "What kind of game was that?" Joker giggled. "I just wanted to see how far you'd get while blind folded and dizzy." David scoffed, climbing back onto the stage. Then Joker whilisted loudly, causing everything to be silent. He waved for Harley to bring the cake on stage as he spoke. "I have gathered all of you here to introduce someone very special. Harley and I have decided to add another member into our happy family." Joker walked over to David and grabbed his shoulders, bringing him forward. David felt himself get a bit of stage fright. "I want you all to meet our son, Lil' J. Or you all can call him, the Jester. And today is a very special day for him, isn't that right, Harley?" Joker said, looking at Harley before returning to the crowd. "So I'd like you all to join me into wishing Lil' J a very happy birthday. So I'll start." Joker said with a grin. Then he started to sing. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Lil' J... Happy Birthday to you~!" As Joker sang, the whole crowd slowly joined in, afraid of what would happen if they didn't. David stood there, in shock. He wasn't sure how to feel. No had had ever sang him a happy birthday. Even though it wasn't really his birthday. He bit his lip repeatedly, unsure what to think of this.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/20/2013 6:39 pm
David scowls lightly as Harley fixes his hat, making the bells chime. David glances at Jayna lightly, seeing she's a bit upset. He sighed to himself, hating that he really did have a soft spot for her. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked over to her, though not really looking at her. "Listen, I didn't mean what I said. Hateful stuff like that tends to come out of my mouth... It's kinda like a sneeze. But if it means anything, I wouldn't have the heart to point a blade at you, so... Don't look so upset. Clowns are suppose to be happy." He said, walking behind her and pinching her cheeks lightly and lifted them up to make her smile. Joker glanced at David and rolled his eyes. Then he finished the stage. He looked over his handy work, then grinned. "It's almost show time, kiddies."
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/20/2013 5:54 pm
David froze up as Jayna hugged him from behind. He quickly pulled away from her. "Touch me again and I'll hang you by your feet and gut you." He growled, then he blinked. "Er, sorry. I don't like being touched..." He muttered. Joker smirked lightly at David's odd mood swings. There could be a violent side in him yet. Joker continued setting up what looked like a stage. Joker's goons where guarding the area and capturing random bystanders and tying them to seats, like an audience. David glanced at the fearful people. "What are they for?" David asked Joker, nodding to the random people. Joker grinned. "Oh, just people to watch. I always like to have attention." David scowled lightly under his mask. He scanned the area lightly. He had a feeling something bad was going to come of this, and he was going to be blamed.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/20/2013 5:11 pm
David blinked as she told him to keep his clothes on. "What!? I'm not the one who wants them off!" He told her. Then he blinked as she pulled his mask down and kissed him on the lips. David sat there, dumbfounded as she pulled it back up over his face. Joker giggled lightly as he pulled into Gotham Central. Then he screeched to a stop, sending David into the back of his seat. Joker then got out and started unpacking the truck. David scrambled out of the car, happy to finally have his space. He stratched lightly, the torn shirt he was wearing showing a bit of his stomach as he did so. "Hey kiddo, you're showing your muscles off wrong. Besides, this is how you show off your muscles." David turned to object, then his jaw dropped as he saw Joker lift his shirt a bit, showing his stomach and wiggling his eyebrows. David quickly turned, feeling oddly violated. "I'm going to pretend that never happened..." David muttered to himself.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/18/2013 8:36 pm
David blinked roughly up at Jayna as she said she might let him have a look. Then he let out another high pitched yelped as Jayna pressed against him. He quickly looked away. "G-Get ] off!" He studdered. Joker started laughing hysterically as Jayna seemed to be making a move on the kid. "Let's keep the clothes on back there. Wait to we get back home." Joker giggled. David struggled under Jayna lightly. He was finding it hard to look at her. "Whoa! No one's clothes are coming off!" He yelped.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/18/2013 8:16 pm
David blinked, blushing lightly, but hiding it under his mask. "I told you already, she's not my type!" He growled. He glanced at Jayna slightly, then looked at the window, still clinging to his seat. Joker glanced at the two from his mirror. An evil smirk came to his face. He made a quick turn without warning. David yelp, being sent across his seat and right into Jayna, his face crashing right between her chest. David blinked as he realized where he landed. He made a high pitched yelp and quickly pushed away from her, his whole face turning a deep shade of red. "I.. I... I'm s-so sorry! Th... That w-wasn't my fault! It.. It was an accident!" He studdered, raising his hands. He was expecting Jayna to hit him, or start complaining. Joker laughed hysterically as he continued to drive, giggling as David started to studder.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/18/2013 6:05 pm
As Jayna got in, one of the hyenas moved so he was sitting inbetween them, then rested his head on Jayna's lap. The other hyena continued to sit on David, trying to nuzzle him, but David wasn't use to animals, so he kept pushing the hyena away every time it tried. Joker sat in the driver's seat, then stomped on the gas, shooting off into the road and driving like a maniac into traffic. David yelped and clung to his seat for dear life. "You're gonna get us killed, you pyscho!" David yelped. Joker laughed hysterically. "Live a little kid. I've been driving like this for years. Trust your dear Uncle J, would ya?" Joker giggled.
CoulrophobicBlair Report | 02/12/2013 3:12 pm
Joker clapped his hands, a grin on his face. "Well, let's get going kiddies. A party isn't just going to start itself." David put his hand back by his side, pulling the mask back over his face. "I'm jumping with joy." He muttered sarcastically. Joker giggled, waving David and Jayna towards the car. "C'mon, c'mon. We don't have all night. Batsy will wanna come out in play soon." Joker told them. David growled lightly at Joker as he waved him towards the car. He sighed and hopped in, sitting in the back seat. The hyenas jumped in as well, both of them sitting on David. David's eye twitched lightly. Joker laughed uncontrollably. "I think they like you, Jester ol' boy."


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