b***h my username means b***h

100% whatever forever

my name is maya. im 20. i struggle with my sexuality idfk. im in college for a double major in art and film. right now i work with installation art with film as my main medium (i make my money by being the coffee girl on set for a documentary rn though)- and hopefully i can work with cartoons when im older (the dream).. i like shitty music. i like black coffee and green smoothies. i like camping. i like longboarding. i like kayaking. i like running. i like rock climbing. i like robots and object heads and monster girls. i like overpriced clothing. i like listening to mixed cds while driving down the highway at night. i like setting off fireworks in open fields and the thrill of possibly getting caught. i like making bonfires in the mountains and falling asleep next to them. i really like friends- but im no good at keeping them around.
my life goal is to make enough money to afford buying my groceries at whole foods.

add me on snapchat okay; mayshorts.


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fever bones on 01/27/2015