My name is Holly ^‿^
I'm just a 19 year old girl,
I'm unique and have a kind heart.
I have so much love for animals.
I'm a Gemini ♊
I like to capture moments and memories with a camera.
And be creative in my spare time, Like draw and
do photography or some crafts.
I love dying my hair different colors.
I'm kinda a tom boy, I like video games and playing flyff a game on
the computer.
I like walking in the rain and enjoy the simple things in life.
Cold weather, Falling leafs, The sun rise and the sun set.
And a healing herb that grows out of
the ground is something I enjoy as well.
Some people think its a drug, Wrong. It grows out of the ground,
It's a ******** plant, It is only illegal because the government is
trying to make money off it.
It was used for medicen and relaxation, clothes, paper, rope ect...
So chill out and smoke a bowl :] ♥