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Right now, I'm a 16 years old /b/tard who doesn't like gaia in general. I can be perverted when I feel for it, but rather than reading a hentai featuring a loli getting raped by *****, I would like the loli doing a falcon punch on him. :>

I like manga. And yes, I love animé. But don't think of me as that 100% weeaboo obsessing myself with that pantyflashing loli. I'm more like an anti-weeaboo. While those otakus out there make their top 3 animé girls they love (-d to rape), I make mine about animé girls I'd love to strangle. And whenever I watch an animé, what I most likely do is to find contradiction and thinks that shouldn't work out, point them out for some hardcore fans, and laugh as they do seppuku.

There is some exceptions though.
ひぐらしの くころにう.
Higurashi no naku koro ni.
I just love it. Not just as animé, but as manga also. I want to play the game, but I can't comprehend near 20% of the japanese knowledge required, mostly because of kanji.
This one of the few things that brings out my weeaboo side, as this is serious business and the ending made me cry. I actually do feel sympathy, not only for one, but for most characters. I love the plot, how they mix it around, how everyone has to fight against destiny itself, how things happen from a third view. I love Maebara Keiichi and Furude Rika, not as "OMG SUGOII CHARACTERS I REALLY WANNA HUG THEM KAWAII", but as persons. I can feel their emotions, even if not as strong as themself, and they both really has their sides who reminds me of myself.

Look, I could go on about Higurashi for an hour or two without even looking at your sleepy face, but let's do us both a favor here and stop. I really hope you got the point.
Another weeaboo'ish side with me is my half-secretly obsession with Asa Shigure from "Shuffle!". And this time it really IS "OMG
SUGOII CHARACTER I REALLY WANNA HUG HER KAWAII", except not. Think of me as a wapanese and you'll die a terrible death, ending up in android hell.

Right now, I'm pretty sure you think of me as the decent person from internets except that I can spell. But while I'm trying to hold on here, I can be really mean to people, especially those I don't know/aren't relevant to my interests. Yes, that means you.
I have my "good" sides also, burning with foolish ideals and with my strong sense of helping people I approve of.

If you see me going all "Omochi Kaeri" and "Nii-pah~", that means you pass.
If you find me giving you that cold shoulder of ******** ignorance, that means I hate you. No cake.

I love video games also, mostly strategic games and rpg's. The tales series and Final Fantasy 6 is gold, and I loved small GBA ones like Golden Sun (mind the text) and Summon Knight.

Lately, I've also started a little bit with fps games. But here is one game I have loved more than any other game I've played in my entire life.
This one was ******** awesome. This one is to my feelings for games as Higurashi is to my feelings for manga/animé. The way they mixed fps with puzzles and humor is.. I don't know what to say. You make one portal, come out from another one you make. You can't own as much as you think though, since there are limitations. The computer guiding you sounds like a corrupted /b/tard, a real good one.

I had so much fun, I couldn't sleep. Because it was so late, I had to cut in the middle of the last stage since next day was school. And in school, I couldn't concentrate. Instead of listening to the teacher, I thought how much the wall behind her could be used for a portal. When it was a recess, I hoped I could just portal myself out of the room, as other people opened the door. I wasn't interested in the food, the cheese I normally love felt like a lie. That person was irritating, I wish I could use portals to fling him around causing an enormous headache. Why can't I just jump down this cliff? It's perfect for flinging, and in case I miss I have no fall damage. The silence of no one directing me while slowly leading me towards a fire to bake me ate my mind. "I wanna go home", I thought without including Presea from ToS. No, Portal was my only right now, and I cursed myself for not placing one at home, so I after school swiftly could jump into my seat, forcing up steam to then defeat GlaDOS once for all, and finally see freedom releasing my character from this cakebound lie.

Oh yes, there is this gold thing everyone is horny about. Now you should now, I don't give a ******** damn. My avi is exactly as I want it, there's nothing else needed to be added. And as I mentioned above, I don't like gaia in general. So what if you got a floating ring over your head worth millions? Being a regular in a site doesn't impress me at all. If you think you ******** own gaia because you have an arsenal of expensive things, you should go and burn yourself, or jump of that cliff over there.

If someone grants me gold at the price of nothing or less gold, I'll accept with a "meh" or maybe even "thanks", but nothing more. I won't strip, I won't take a picture of my wall, heck I won't even send you an ASCII-cake for those 10k gold.

Gold is just a fictional counter of how much life you need, and I won't prostitute for some random status over a small part of internets where 12 year old faggots call themselves girls in hope of getting laid with lesbians, who in fact, also are 12 year old faggots.

I'm ambivalent and perhaps what you would call "skitzophrenic by will". I can be evil like hell, but also help your irl problems (no, I won't be a curator for random gaiafags). And while growing up in times I saw as dark and gloomy ages, today I actually do have a life outside my room, do have friends, do have more than decent grades, do have people who aspire me and most of all, do have my own personal opinion of things I can spit out without hesitation. Even though I love my computer, it's not as near important as these things, that DO color my life.

I was, for about a year ago, pretty feminine. But nowadays, I'm pretty much.. myself. Tired, often coming with things to change the tide things are heading towards (I'm mostly talking about arguing against one-side discussions). But inside me, there is still this fragile "KuroNeko", but most people won't see it.

I did not update this profile in quite some time. It was faggy, lame and boring in quite some time. Since I recently felt like wanting to log in, and thus noticed it, I decided to change it immediately after dashing to the toilet in hope of not puking up on the way.

Oh by the way, the chances of surviving after reading all of this is pretty low. By the time your finished it means you have too much freetime and will die because of mortal thirst-issues. There is no way to prevent it, you've gained to much calories to even walk, and since you lost your voice you can't call for help. In case you had a girlfriend she would be running in, scream and then call for help. That was a joke, HAHA, fat chance.


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bukkake hokage

bukkake hokage

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bukkake hokage

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Ex-Soldier of Angle

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