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19, female, Asian, Straight

Can sometimes be an extremist, just a warning
Immature, childish, utter noob
Actively posting in the WG’s
Trying out avi art
Kuro apologizes for not having the same background, traditions, values or opinions as you
Also for not knowing the same things as you
Kuro is very similar to the person behind her, (In a way she is/represents me, so she's not really an OC, just me, dig?)

+ eating
+ sleeping
+ daydreaming
+ reading novels or manga
+ drawing
+ music
+ obscure and/or messed up manga
+ snakes
+ cute stuff

- food that makes her go "Blehhh, I don't feel too good."
- bad people
- annoying people
- selfish people
- people
- sluts
- casual liars
- elitists
- people who hate her for no reason
- working/studying/chores
- shoujo/josei
- Vocaloid
- Baby Metal
- spoilers
- attention whores
If you wanna be friends, PM me/talk to me first.emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
Rock on! emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif

Movies I've cried over: emotion_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
> Hachi
> Dumbo
> Grave of the Fireflies
> Two Brothers

Wise words from Rob Dyke that I agree with:
"If you honestly think I am attacking someone's sexuality in this video...let's go over something.

I think people who make up their own sexuality are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Bummer.

I think people who label themselves as an established sexuality but then make up their own rules for what qualifies for that sexuality and those rules totally contradict the socially established norm for that sexuality are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Shucks.

I think people who get all giddy when they find out someone is gay because they clearly don't know what true equality is are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Aw darn.

I think people who share their stance for equal rights for gays and act as if THEY are being brave by posting it on Facebook to their friends are idiots. Period. Don't like it? I'm so flustered.

You are not a hero. You are not a warrior. You are a bandwagoner who only serves to further separate gay people from straight people. Special treatment/consideration is not equality. Stop celebrating when a person is gay. Let's celebrate being human.

Even if a lot of humans are idiots. "


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Birdiechan747 Report | 10/13/2015 6:17 pm
A human is never satisfied. Poor: I'm crying cuz I has nothing. Rich: I'm crying cuz I has too much. Smh
I liked Richie rich. o w o) Just hated how thankless he was to his wealth. At least his parents were happy-go-lucky no matter what. xD

Since 1996 yo! //Feeling old intensifies. q u q

The last post column is your friend. o u o)b
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/12/2015 10:58 pm
Hmm, yeah you're right, I totally forgot about the whining and self pitying part. Which reminds me, I watched a bit of the life of the princes and princesses in the middle east and how kings have like 52 daughters and 50 sons that they had palaces in different countries for them. Few princesses told how they felt mentally tortured by how long the corridors were, how their voices echoed through out the palace and how the doors were too wide that it took forever to open up. emotion_facepalm
Or a girl whining that she got iphone black instead of white and etc. Talk about thanklessness. emotion_eyebrow

I don't know. o .o) Right now she's okay, just sitting quietly on her nest but that day she was just... cray cray. o ~o)

Thank you! ^ -^) That's wonderful to hear... ... read... oh fudge it.
Yeah, like, if someone hates me, then say it at my face and not leave clues around for me to figure it out, what am I, Detective Conan? stare
I usually get happy and feel like my life has gotten 1% better when someone adds me to their ignore. It means I wouldn't have to put up with their hate. Yippie~! whee
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/12/2015 9:11 pm
Youtube comments are the worst. M'kay. I don't know that many youtubers out there but whoever I've watch are like: if you're having problems in life, shame on you cause I'm happy! lol
Those types are so annoying. Like, I wanna set them on fire and ask them to laugh and be happy. c:

There should be a trend of jumping off buildings. No wait. Scrap that idea! Some people are stupid enough to do that cough cough kyile jenner lip challenge cough. o n o)/

We had a pigeon would sit by our window! 0 u 0) My lil bro would ask me to hold him up to see it but one day this mama pigeon wanted us to look after her eggs and she was sooooo angry, she was knocking the window, flapping her wings and hitting her tummy on the window. So angry! ; - ;
By lil bro is terrified of it since then. He'd call me saying "Brr! Brr!" and point to the window asking me to make her go away lolz. = w=)

Um Kuro, you don't mind me if I post elsewhere if I haven't responded you right? Sometimes its hard for me to keep up and I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you or something. sweatdrop And now I shall start incoherently blabbering causse i'm half sleepy.
Marshmlow1 Report | 10/12/2015 10:31 am
Thanks for the compliment ^__^
Jorin Nyfe Report | 10/12/2015 10:07 am
Jorin Nyfe
Hello, hello, hello.
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/11/2015 8:23 pm
People on youtube too, excluding Markpiler. o n o)

Sometimes, you just can't seem to hide that inner animal when you get to eat delicious food. * v *)9
At that time your heart says "Ya know? I've paid for dis s**t, better enjoy it! scream " xD

Like a bunch of slaves or minions with bucket on their heads. = ~ =)

I Knoooow, I would love to wear my uniform all day outside if I have nothing else to wear! I'm soooooo envious! ; ~ ;
Oh... ... ... now that you've told me about your uniforms, I actually feel better about mine! lol

Yeah. Sadly. Ugh = ~ =)

That, I will never understand. Smh.

I know right! Like a widdle koosh ball that you just wanna just pat and fondle it then squish it~! whee
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/10/2015 11:40 pm
Its kinda like a zombie apocalypse, except people are alive but its all about the survival of the fittest and every individual just think of themselves. Imagine the walking dead version of this... 9 _9)
What f**king irks me is when people finally find peace in their lives and they f***ing go their merry way cramming their solutions down everyone's throats. stressed
I honestly don't eat that much and in special events I refrain from eating because I'm terrified of bitches staring at me while eating. ._.)

I hate doing things by trend. I understand everyone wanting to be like the cool kids but... pfft, I do whatever I want! >:U
And socks with ugly designs kinda overshadows the beauty of the shoes. I want my un-harutas to standout, maaan! <:u

I'M F**KING JEALOUS OF JAPANESE AND KOREAN SCHOOL UNIFORMS TOO! scream Idk I just love wearing a proper school uniform WITH MY CUTE AS F*** HARUTAS and walk around the halls with pride! emotion_donotwant I mean, look at how cute they are!!! gonk
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
When my school introduced blazers as our new uniforms in 5 grade, I was like F*** YEAH but then I learned that the colors of our uniform matched exactly like the colors of the janitors at one mall.
My hopes were instantly shattered. I hid myself with my briefcase everyday. x v x)_

And now the sluts and douches are dead. Submit their bodies to the dumpster... or the incinerator~ twisted

Oh THank you! Speaking of that. There was a news of this one immature worthless creature or dude in short, who hates Rosalina in Mario SO, SO, SO MUCH that he went on a spree to buy each and every single Amibo he could find so no one else gets to buy it. lol People were like, "Screw you, we've ordered one online!"
I'm not a fan of Mario franchise but maaaaan. Duuuuude. For reeeeeeal? Smh talk2hand

Oh remember that sweet cockatiel from heaven above. Sooooo damn cute!!! whee gonk
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/10/2015 8:30 pm
I'm NOT against them. CORRECTION. Dammit! xD
Birdiechan747 Report | 10/10/2015 8:28 pm
50% Tomboy tbh. ._.)
Yes, yes, I'm aware of that and I f**king hate that too. lol I understand how delicious buffet at special events are but OH GOD, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! talk2hand
I don't understand why people don't know about their own appetite or how much they can manage to eat! gonk
I guess those people think that, "Oh buffet! Take all you want cause dat s**t's free! Who cares if WE waste it, its gonna be thrown away anyway!" stressed
Imagine Kuro, imagine! Every food people waste in special events...

White socks, socks with cute frills or knee highs are soooo cute! whee (⊙ .☉) Wait... people steal socks? Yes yes, I know I'm living under a rock but... EWWW!
EPPPPP!!!! They're VERY comfortable! emotion_kirakira In every step it feels like I'm walking on velvet cushions~ emotion_kirakira Every time I go window shopping and see my shoes, I can't help but squee like an anime school girl inside, they're so cute! whee
Pfft, I'd say any shoes are comfy than heels. lol

BINGO~! Watching those type of people die is like glimpse of heaven. (◡‿◡✿)

Can I be honest, I know many people flip their sh*t when they find out if someone hates dogs... but... I hate dogs and... maybe cats like 50%. I'm against them or anything. I'm just like, I'd own a parrot instead. 8/

OH MY GOD. That feeling when... you're sitting in peace and quiet and the phone rings. ( x_x)_
Holmgeir Report | 10/10/2015 7:43 pm
That sounds awesome if it used in every country. //shrugs

It's so painful to see people wasting food. One of the reasons is that I like to eat almost everything (not much as Vee) and I eat like a pig.


"Ded lol"
-Bury me-
Female // Straight ...please.
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