19, female, Asian, Straight
INTJ/INTP (varies from time to time)
Can sometimes be an extremist, just a warning
Immature, childish, utter noob
Actively posting in the WG’s
Trying out avi art
Kuro apologizes for not having the same background, traditions, values or opinions as you
Also for not knowing the same things as you
Kuro is very similar to the person behind her, (In a way she is/represents me, so she's not really an OC, just me, dig?)

+ eating
+ sleeping
+ daydreaming
+ reading novels or manga
+ drawing, check it!
+ music (although she doesn't have a deep knowledge of it)
+ obscure and/or messed up manga
+ snakes
+ cute stuff

- food that makes her go "Blehhh, I don't feel too good."
- bad people
- annoying people
- selfish people
- people
- sluts
- casual liars
- people who hate her for no reason
- working/studying/chores
- shoujo/josei
- Vocaloid
- Baby Metal
- spoilers
- attention whores
If you wanna be friends, PM me/talk to me first.emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
Rock on! emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif

Wise words from Rob Dyke that I agree with:
"If you honestly think I am attacking someone's sexuality in this video...let's go over something.

I think people who make up their own sexuality are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Bummer.

I think people who label themselves as an established sexuality but then make up their own rules for what qualifies for that sexuality and those rules totally contradict the socially established norm for that sexuality are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Shucks.

I think people who get all giddy when they find out someone is gay because they clearly don't know what true equality is are idiots. Period. Don't like it? Aw darn.

I think people who share their stance for equal rights for gays and act as if THEY are being brave by posting it on Facebook to their friends are idiots. Period. Don't like it? I'm so flustered.

You are not a hero. You are not a warrior. You are a bandwagoner who only serves to further separate gay people from straight people. Special treatment/consideration is not equality. Stop celebrating when a person is gay. Let's celebrate being human.

Even if a lot of humans are idiots. "



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Report | 05/16/2015 12:29 am


Aww, so cute. emotion_kirakira
Thank you! ;w;
I should really try and draw you something too.

Report | 05/06/2015 9:41 am


that sounds kinda cool

also I love your avi <3

Report | 05/06/2015 8:49 am


that's awesome! biggrin
where at?

Report | 05/06/2015 8:45 am


it's been alright.
how about you? what have you been up to?

Report | 05/06/2015 8:39 am


i'm sorry. im back now. <3

Report | 05/06/2015 8:36 am


Did I ever leave?

Report | 04/28/2015 9:00 pm


XD A lot of people have bugs up their a**, or have those types of usernames?

Aye true that. UuU <33

Hahah XD kslghndf Ah man, I still have excess sponsored items from that s**t. lololol

O 3O Well you're in a coffin, so you must be.
am I happy?
What kind of captcha is this?! XD O nO Trying to get to us psychologically. klfbasdflafsg [and apparently saying yeah sure is the wrong reponse..]
Now I have: Man Hands. lool

Report | 04/28/2015 9:04 am


:U Hmmm. That's odd. o noa ... There are users on here [granted, I'm going by Gaia as a whole, not just the WG] with more explicit names than that. lol [or at the very least are about the same]... maybe it was someone who just had a bug up their a** who did it?

maybe if it's fastforwarded, but I waste enough time as it is. hahaha XD

; A;/ ... -sobs alone- I-I guess I should try to not be a derp, too....

Oooh~ okay ahha xD I haven't read many, but I do know them. Lol, yeah he had a strange style. o woa ...

@n@! ........ Good we need bees, they keep dying, they help the ecosystem we would die without them. O wO

dffukyasdygfasjbf Wet Paint again, NO stop asking. >:C!!!

Report | 04/27/2015 11:34 pm


Yeh Id get back to it after. Wanted to spice things up but they still got me designing. Mrgrgmr.


Report | 04/27/2015 11:25 pm


It's like a mystery event, usually corporate or tourist oriented.
My workmates and I shoot puzzles and riddles on breaks, super fun.
What do you do with workmates?

I kinda think happiness is less about the future and more about what's now.
But I have basically the same outlook as you with stability and all lol.


"Ooooh! Can you feel it?"
-The Verge-
You think you can get out?

Thanks for the presents! emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif