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so I guess if you're here you'd like to know a few things about me, well, let's see...I enjoy reading and drawing-though I have little talent for the latter-. I also putting together outfits on here, though recently I seem to only be making guys.I've taken to hanging around the cb and doing various things- giveaways, vocaroo's, random crud- so you'll probably find me there more than anywhere else in the forums. One of my other favorite pass-times is gaming, recently I'm focusing on playing Warframe~!!
I am also a fairly recently converted huge kpop fan, my heart completely belongs to BTS-those adorable bebehs<3- but I also love a lot of other groups! So if you wanna chat about that feel free to hit me up~ Especially about BTS cos I need more people to share my ARMY fangirly-ness with~<3 XD

I have lots of people on my friends list, and most of them I think I meet in CB, add, and don't talk to again. This is NOT because I'm rude or don't like you, mainly its just that I forget where I meet people and hate to start awkward conversations, but if you'd like to talk, please feel free to comment or send me a message.
My closest friend on here is bippa-san, she's practically my sister
And I think that's about everything you need to know. So to my old friends, thanks for reading this, and to any new people-or ya know, stalkers o.o-, Hi, nice to meet you C:.

Oh and if anyone wants to donate one of my wanted items to me ever, I'll love you for the rest of my characters virtual life ;D.

Some avatar art~:

By Bippa-san

By Noyasenpai

By M a k i i C h o

By Nene-pyon

By Nondescript Caterpillar

By Phantasmagorian

By M a h o u s

By Sweetsillage


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Tardis meets Impala Report | 11/15/2015 8:11 am
Tardis meets Impala
HONESTLY only the hat was a bit wonky other than that the drawing in general was well-drawn emotion_yatta i bought some how-to-draw books from the book fair i'll study them dramallama
Tardis meets Impala Report | 11/13/2015 2:15 am
Tardis meets Impala

since u drew the eyes black it looks like an ├╝ber cute version of my avi,it reminds me of a ghost tho? maybe bcoz it reminds me of that grudge kid... xd
Tardis meets Impala Report | 11/10/2015 3:20 am
Tardis meets Impala
DID U WATCH THEIR MMA PERFORMANCE jungkook finally convinced everyone to do an iron man concept lmfao
Shaded Wolf Lady2 Report | 11/10/2015 1:46 am
Shaded Wolf Lady2
it took a month???? thats absurd!
Pandemik Report | 11/10/2015 1:31 am
Well I hope you enjoy your break.
Shaded Wolf Lady2 Report | 11/10/2015 1:31 am
Shaded Wolf Lady2
how art thou
Pandemik Report | 11/10/2015 1:29 am
A two day break then? Sounds pleasant enough to me.
Shaded Wolf Lady2 Report | 11/08/2015 5:22 pm
Shaded Wolf Lady2
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Pandemik Report | 11/06/2015 5:59 pm
How you doin?
Tardis meets Impala Report | 11/06/2015 12:47 pm
Tardis meets Impala
sure shoot me a msg or comment when u have the FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELZ

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