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Gender: Female

Occupation: Professional Shapeshifter

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Facts About Me

Let me see, what it it you'd want to know?
gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif I am very much obsessed with books and writing.
yummy_smilies/icon_tuna.png My favourite foods are sushi, chocolate, pomegranates, mashed potatoes, and edamame. (Individually, not all together.)
yummy_smilies/icon_tea.gif I'm British, but can do a passable or better American, German, Irish, Scottish, & French accent.
yummy_smilies/icon_bacon.png I love to cook.
yummy_smilies/icon_cupcake.gif I love to bake even more.
yummy_smilies/icon_pie.gif I love pie.
yummy_smilies/icon_hotdog.gif I will never again eat a hot dog as long as I live.
emotion_smilies/icon_zombie.png I am a horror film junkie, the gorier the better.
smilies/icon_eek.gif I firmly believe that Sarah Williams is an fool for refusing the Goblin King.
smilies/icon_crying.gif I cry at any film involving true love, dogs, or the death of a main character, as well as every single Supernatural and Doctor Who season/series finale.
smilies/icon_twisted.gif I am more than a little evil.
smilies/icon_heart.gif I am a quite firmly on Teams Bowie, Pine, Tennant, and Ackles, among many others.

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Director Phil Coulson Report | 07/04/2015 5:28 am
Director Phil Coulson
Hi Agent Song
Happy July 4th
Mrs Scarlet Witch Report | 07/02/2015 9:18 pm
Mrs Scarlet Witch
Mockingbirdie Report | 06/29/2015 4:43 pm
I'll add her in here and there whenever I feel she's needed. 3nodding
Mockingbirdie Report | 06/28/2015 11:16 pm
Alrighty, I'm checking up on it every now and then, but I feel like Bob's not too much involved right now.
Mockingbirdie Report | 06/28/2015 9:31 pm
Anytime! I think he forgot to quote you. sweatdrop
Mockingbirdie Report | 06/27/2015 10:25 pm
Coulson replied to you in the guild.
Director Phil Coulson Report | 06/19/2015 12:10 am
Director Phil Coulson
I'm okay.
In real life, I have return to writing with my left hand since I have been using my right hand to much and now there is a off balance.
Director Phil Coulson Report | 06/18/2015 11:08 pm
Director Phil Coulson
Sorry about that Agent Song.

How are you?
What are you up to?
Director Phil Coulson Report | 06/16/2015 10:53 pm
Director Phil Coulson
Hi there.

How many I help you?
Capt Steve Rogers Report | 06/16/2015 5:30 pm
Capt Steve Rogers
Smiles in amusement. Don't sweat it, Aria. I just didn't realize how much you've been through. Quite a history. It also explains how you became a resident of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place. Crooking his head a little bit but still keeping his eyes on her as his way of comparison. You know, you remind me a bit of somebody else I know. Are you familiar with Agent Romanoff?