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Hey guys c:
My name is Oscar, I'm 16 Years old
Birthday is on July 14 ^-^/
I am a proud Mexican.
Live In Texas.
Proud PC and PS3 Gamer.
Very Placid and friendly guy.
I'm someone who will make offensive jokes most of the time, So please. Don't get mad c:
If you wish to Contact me any Further I will list the following sites in which I am also available on.


And if You have a kik, You can also Message me. Username is: EsePincheOso

If you wish to know more about me, I also have an Ask account, So you can ask me any question you'd like. Im obligated to answer, And I can't lie. So you can ask me about anything
Ask me Anything c:
Pictures of me.? Follow my Instagram
Well, That is all. Thank you for stopping by <3
Kurimuzon Kuma