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Gender: Female

Location: Canada.

Birthday: 08/23

Occupation: Taking over the world.


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Just a little warning, i'm insane, a lotta unpredictable and highly flammable.
I like random comments.
Make me laugh, randomness is the pie of life.
Unless you like cake, then your a c**t. <3


About Me.

*I'm a 25 years dead.
**Female. Last time i checked.
*In a relationship, with myself. The other guy is nice too. <3
**Heavily modified, piercings, tattoo's and dyed hair. Don't ask me how many, i forgot a while ago.
*I love and cherish all my friends, mess with them and i'll rip you a dozen new orifices. I promise.
**I like pirates, Pokemon, my 2 cats, my 2 dogs, the occult, skeletons, horror movies, llamas, tea sets and cooking.
*Do you know the human body has over 50 different kinds of sphincters in it?
Explains a lot don't it?


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Cause i'm a ******** Pirate!

I like to draw, swear, drink tea and stuff.

Kuri-Mu Momos Deviantart.

My life<3
~ The End.~

Now go away!
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RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/20/2015 9:51 am
Sick, I knew you got this! C: Win that derby! c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/18/2015 12:12 pm
Aw That's sounds sick, im glad you didn't get hurt too bad. c: Sounds pretty insane, cant even skate but that sounds exciting! c: yay for safe asphalt!
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/17/2015 10:12 am
Why thank you! c: Pretty sure it went great! c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/15/2015 2:46 pm
Good luck during practice! C: You'll do wonders!
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/15/2015 2:45 pm
Your practice sounds real. c: Tell me what happens! lol. Thank you, im trying my hardest, trying to do that pro stuff with the rainbow kick and what not. c: I could tell you a story about how I sent some kid to the hospital by accident, during one of our soccer games. c: My mothers Panamanian, she owns a lot of machetes, don't know about whistles. :c Ill give it a try, maybe ill own the forest. Aw, that's horrible. :c Well at least you're a stronger woman because of that, I bet. The tough times are over now you can focus on life. c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/15/2015 10:57 am
c: ! Practice makes perfect! Good job! c: Litterally the only sport I have played was soccer, I was pretty damn good, but I was embarrassed to play in highschool. im training this summer to try out for college. c: Seriously, I want to see the wilderness! :C I mean I can see if from my backyard but I don't think anyone can go in it. :c Your mom sounds real. c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/14/2015 12:16 pm
Oh you too?! Todays my rest day too, currently I'm on break from my weights. c: Then gonna hit them back up again. Please I would love to get some wilderness over here, literally they are building new neighborhoods around and stuff. :C Damn, was she an athlete? c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/14/2015 9:08 am
Yeah same here, I go until my arms hurt, love the work out pain. c: I've never been hiking sounds like an adventure. c: Too bad where im at in Tennessee we don't have to many places that have the wilderness. :c Aw poor mom. :c
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/13/2015 7:14 pm
You've got this 100%! You do alot for your workouts, i usually start with weights in the morning, then i run 2 laps around our park. Its pretty big. c: But in due time your leg'll heal. You sound like youre doing fantastic when it comes to exercises. c: just dont do too much, cant hurt your body anymore. c: Again good luck! c:
RoboSlayerZ Report | 05/13/2015 3:07 pm
Oh congratulations! Yo if you need some recommendations for a training routine I got you. c: Hopefully you can make the team that would be awesome, then you can tell me stories! c: You have my prayers to make the team and win! c:


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