Name: His Kuren
Status: Engaged as of March 28th, 2014
Taken since October 28th, 2012
Face: X
Doing Right Now: Work. Work. Work.
Current Passion: Breathing, I guess??
I like video games! I've Always been a huge fan of pokemon. Undertale holds a place in my heart, it's probably my favorite game. I'm complete ******** trash. I also play Otome games even though I'm in a relationship... but I have a weak spot for 2D pretty boys.
I can be found lurking the GCD and the Pokemon forum. I'm the Brown leader at the Rainbow Pokemon League! I'm staying out of the competitive scene right now, mostly just breeding and training new gym pokemon.
I love music, I'm mostly into rock and techno music. I'm always looking for music suggestions. I enjoy drawing from time to time as well, I've gotten a bit out of practice unfortunately.
I'm a ferret mommy. Ask me about my ferrets and I wont shut up!