Name: Kuren
Status: Married as of April 10th, 2017.
Taken since October 28th, 2012
Face: X
Doing Right Now: Playing with dollies.
Current Passion: Fox boys... and my husband.
I like video games! I've Always been a huge fan of pokemon. Undertale holds a special place in my heart, it's probably my favorite game. I'm complete ******** trash. I also play Otome games even though I'm in a relationship... but I have a weak spot for 2D pretty boys.
I can be found lurking the GCD and the Pokemon forum.
I love music, I'm mostly into rock and techno music. I'm always looking for music suggestions. I enjoy drawing from time to time as well, I've gotten a bit out of practice unfortunately.
I'm a ferret mommy. Ask me about my ferrets and I wont shut up!

Profile art by: it is muffin time