Hi and welcome to my humble, blue, abode. Normally when I decide to edit my profile I just answer some random questionnaire and throw it onto my profile, but I decided to stop being lazy and put a bit more personality into it.

That being said, I've been on gaia for a little more than 5 years now. I generally like to migrate General Discussion, but recently I've took a liking to Extended Discussion so you'll probably find me there more often than not. I love to create short-stories and one-shots too, so you may find me in the Writers section of the forums.

I love to cook too, and I'm pursuing a career as either a P√Ętissier or a Saucier.

Also, I'm 17 you can call me Zage, Kural or whatever my current Gaian username is biggrin

Oh yeah, I love and tolerate the s**t out of this guy "Immy" heart . Anyone who can brighten my day and cause those fuzzy, tingly, squirmy feelings like him deserves only the best of ZageHugs 8D.