Kurai's half of the story.

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Kurai's half of the story.

This is where I will be posting the chapters of the written information reguarding the story development of the Odjin family. In particular, my side. IE Azrathian side.


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Bio for Kurai
Currently being revised...

Long before the great war a child was born to darkness. concealed in the ancient territory (Azrath) known only to the gods themselves, the child who would be known as pure darkness was conceived. This was no ordinary child however, he was a spawn that no power of the time could handle. The child was kept away from the world, in hopes to keep him from realizing his true purpose to the gods, a war machine.

After he had grown, the child was given the name, Kurai Ko, the dark child. He choose this name due to his inclination to be in the dark, and seemed to be best skilled in the dark arts. About a year after he had been given the name, he was released from the confines of his prison like realm by a figure unknown to him. He always saw the figure as a person similar to him in age, yet vastly different in personality. After he had escaped, he felt his soul split, a defense of the ancients, if a being who was in the realm tried to leave without an elder’s approval, they would be forced to live their lives with a broken soul. Kurai however was different than the rest of the beings in this plane of existence. After the split, kurai noticed that the dark figure had gained a physical form, this being would be known as Barkura Yami, the stealer of souls.

Bakura and Kurai did not enter the human world knowingly, or even remotely in the same area. Kurai had been found by a elderly couple, who tended to his wounds and helped him restore his strength. Bakura however was not so lucky. Kurai later left the elderly couple without a word, as he was walking away, he could hear the screams of the two, he knew this would be his fate, death would follow wherever he goes. He continued to wander the world, with no clear goal in mind. In fact, he actually resented leaving the realm that had kept him a prisoner for all that time.

about 4 years later, Kurai encountered a being who claimed himself an overlord, the man offered him a choice of joining his clan, or continuing to live on his own. Kurai found no real reason to deny the offer, and joined the clan, claiming the name Odjin. This “family” he had been adopted into introduced his first love in this world, which later lead to a closer feeling for him. He was finally starting to gain his emotions. This would all change however, when he started to gain his powers fully.

About 2 years into being a part of the family, Kurai started to grow his powers. While it started off as a few simple ones such as fire and water, they quickly started overpowering him. He lost himself in these forms as they all fought for the control of their vessel. After a battle that almost killed him, he learned of a skill that would allow him to regain his reign over the forms. Kurai later went into hiding and seclusion, in order to keep himself from harming those he cared for.

Kurai has since returned to the world of the living to take part in the families change in power, however he hold a secret about his regenerations. Kurai is dying, without a complete soul to control the body he is in, he is slowly becoming a ghost of himself. Any influence that proves strong enough to claim control can now remove kurai from power. The being known as Kazuraki is currently in control of him after Kurai went into purgatory in order to see his mother and father once again. Kurai can only regain control by being united with his other half, however this will bring a new challenge to the family, as Kurai will become the WarMachine he was intended to be. Bakurai was sealed away for a reason, and bringing the two souls together could result in world shattering events. The family has decided to try to save Kurai, accepting the risk of dealing with a greater threat later on.

Kurai was forced to merge with his parallel self, as he would have died if he hadn’t. He is now dealing with the issue of his war machine self wanting to take over, however after a brief confrontation with his other half, he was informed how to handle the powers he is dealing with. He will be forced to make a choice between his family and his seemingly unlimited powers. Kurai wants to be free of his pain, but he cannot hold himself back anymore.

Through his new found power, all of his previous skills have been enhanced. He has also gained a summoning ability, where he is able to summon shadow demons to do his bidding. This can evolve to stronger demons if he chooses to master this skill. Kurai has also regained skill over his elemental powers, being able to tap into each one with ease rather than how had to change forms previously. He has also gained a new, more dangerous form, Bakurai. If this form is Activated, Kurai enters an enraged state and becomes the warmachine incarnate. If he does not handle this form with care, it could come back to harm him later in life. However only time will tell how this will play out.

Kurai is now at a point where is controls his home world of Azrath, a lot of blood and sweat has gone into his new kingdom. Kurai has also taken over the Void and Valkia, as a war between these realms allowed for him to take control after the deaths of their previous leaders. These Realms are all being merged, and headed by a society known as the executors. This elite cabinet of being excell in their leadership and persuasive skills, as well as their combat prowess. While it is rare that these beings need to raise their hand against their opposition, they still have the skill and determination to handle even the most difficult of enemies. Their goal is simple, bring order and provide protection to the realms under their control. Kurai, while the leader of the society, finds himself the frontman for most, if not all of the confrontations between rebels and loyalists. While he doesn’t like to admit it, most of the reason the executors rarely have to fight is because of him doing the heavy lifting. He believes in leading by example, and would rather do the dirty work himself. It is still unknown the exact power of the order, however with a power such as Kurai involved, it is best to assume their strength is limitless. However while the power Kurai adds to this order, he is not completely free to overuse his power.

If Kurai finds himself in a battle where his full power is needed, he will have to recharge himself after combat. This is a design in his powers to ensure that while in his world ender state, he is not able to continue the slaughter for too long, for his safety and the safety of those on his side. He forms have faded more into a singular consciousness. This was in order to become more efficient in combat, as well as lessening the strain on Kurai’s sanity. While the forms still exist as separate consciousnesses, they are rarely out of their dormant state.

As civil war threatens the realms, Kurai is forced to make choices he has never wanted to make. The being Alucard has caused many deaths, as well as many conflicts Kurai has been dealing with. Will Azrath fall?

What's going on?

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Masoyan Report | 01/27/2017 11:46 am
Ohhhh alright alright how interesting~
And you're welcome!
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Super thanks for buying! heart
And is there something you need me for?
Gaminggirl01 Report | 06/06/2016 8:22 pm
I am not very good with Reaper >~< I usually main Hanzo, D.Va, and Mercy lol :3
Yes! I'm starting on the suit soon, just needing to finish up the neck armor and my cosplay will be done hehe :3
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Ooh, you're doing a Reaper cosplay? :3
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Go do it! Become a streamer and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it friend! I know you can. Do what you love and stick to it no matter what anyone says. ^^
Attysin Report | 04/24/2016 7:45 pm
No problem!~~
I'm sure it'll turn out even better then, good luck to that.
Attysin Report | 04/15/2016 6:32 pm
No problem, and thanks!~
I really enjoyed reading the "Bio" for your character as well.
I like it a lot.
Attysin Report | 04/15/2016 2:20 pm
Just wanted to say I'm in love with your avatar.
So awesome.
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xl Nanami lx

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