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Kurai Ko Odjin


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Long ago an ancient demon known as Yami no Bakura reigned over the souls known as mortals. His control lasted until the Great War of the Ancients took his first life. since this was his only option, he cast himself into a newborn child. The child conceived was named Kurai Ko, The Dark Child.

Many years past, as the boy slowly developed lycan mannerisms, later becoming a vampire as well, the first of his kind. After the death of his guardians he was adopted into the family known as Odjin. From this moment on, Kurai developed many powers, much like his new father, Overlord Kurashi Odjin, who was already a master of these powers.

Kurai developed many strange and powerful skills that allowed him to be a force unlike any other. Kurai later became the vessel for many forms, most prominently his Fire form, Rin, his Ice form, Yukki, his vampire form, Stallion, and his reaper form, whom he named Yami, after his late father. These forms all have their own persona, and have completely devoured his former self, the innocent "Human".

Kurai has ascended to the title Demi-god, as he can choose to kill a form's prominence in exchange of his own life. The most note worthy forms being Demon, Werewolf, Earth, and Water.


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Gaminggirl01 Report | 09/03/2015 6:54 pm
No idea o_O It was nonstop coughing whenever I spoke and fevers! AHH!
Gaminggirl01 Report | 09/03/2015 6:01 pm
Yes it has ^^ Hopefully it will be gone by this weekend T-T
Gaminggirl01 Report | 09/02/2015 11:05 pm
That's good to hear! ^^ And, I wish I could say I'm doing well but nope LOL I've been terribly sick for over a week T^T
Gaminggirl01 Report | 09/01/2015 9:38 pm
Hello there friend~! How have you been? c:
Namine Kuzunoha Report | 06/20/2015 8:21 am
Namine Kuzunoha
☆═━┈ *stalks profile* ┈━═☆
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Richard Craven Report | 06/10/2015 1:00 am
Richard Craven
Eyy. I enjoyed reading about your character.
Gaminggirl01 Report | 04/17/2015 3:13 pm
I prefer online gaming as well! Lol, I love competitive multiplayer.
Gaminggirl01 Report | 04/14/2015 6:04 pm
OOOH NICE! I adore Trevor lol c: I haven't played any games over PC because I don't think my computer can support it LOL. There was this game I miss so much and now it's only on Steam): I miss Gotham City Imposters omfg ):
Gaminggirl01 Report | 04/13/2015 3:14 pm
I've never played Dying Light yet besides the demo but it was pretty fun! o: I'm not used to first person games until I bought Destiny and I was immediately hooked lol well, before the constant grinding the game made me do u_u
Gaminggirl01 Report | 04/12/2015 11:16 pm
That's good to hear! I'm doing ehhhh lol. I'm currently playing Sherlock Holmes (which is so freaking cool omgg) and Infamous Second Son(: Oh! Assassin's Creed Unity as well! How about you?

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