The Real Holly:I'm twenty-four!i have brown hair, and hazleish eyes.I love football,listening to music,fishing,hunting,reading ,reading,paint balling and bowling.I don't like to ride four-wheelers too much anymore.I Like to dye my hair odd colors and i don't care if you don't like it.I'm only a kid once I'm gonna do whatever i feel like.I'm honest and if you have a problem with people telling it like it is,oh well.I am divorced

Name: Kurai Haruko
Age:168 (24 Human years)
Race: Fox Demon
Appearance:Kurai is five foot tall, weighing approximately one hundred twenty-five pounds. She has orangeish colored hair,which reaches down past her butt,and is straight. Atop her head are a pair of fox ears, which are orange to match her hair, with black tips. Her eyes are almond shaped and crimson, set evenly apart with thick black lashes. She has a slender, dainty, button nose that leads down to a set of full lips, all set on her heart shaped face. She has a slightly muscular frame from daily exercise, yet her body still has an air femininity to it. She is still curvy in all the right places despite the muscled frame.
Bio: Kurai never knew her parents or any of her family background. She was raised in a small village by the humans who took her into their shabby, over crowded house. She never fit in with the villagers, rejected and ridiculed by the children, ignored by the adults. She was tormented by her thoughts constantly, hating herself for being a 'freak' an being unlike the other children. she always craved attention and love, something she eventually realized she would never receive in the small village. At the age of eight ,kurai began to plot on how to kill the villagers. One by one under the cover of the night villagers began to disappear from beds, streets, and establishments. The villagers grew fearful for their lives and began to set up shifts to watch over the village. Kurai was caught. In a fit of rage and panic, kurai attacked the villagers and began to slaughter them like cattle. For a year, she wandered from town to town, sleeping in trash cans and boxes, living off the scraps she would find in the trash bins. One night, kurai heard a frightened screaming. Running to investigate the noise, she found a man beating on a girl not much older than her. Kurai threw herself at the man, biting and clawing at him. In an attempt to throw Kurai off, the man had forgotten about the other girl, allowing her to get away. That night, kurai became a slave to a Zack as punishment for setting his former slave free. She would defy his every order, with the results that most of her days were spent being beaten until she would pass out. When she woke back up, the beatings would be resumed. Still, she refused to be broken. She would remain Zack's slave till she was sixteen. When he grew angry that she refused to listen to even his simplest of orders, she was deemed worthless and thrown into the streets. She fled town, fearful that he would come after her again when his anger subsided. She would run into the forest on the outskirts of the town. She ran for hours till she became aware she was lost, as the sun was setting. She was lost in the middle of wood, hours from civilization. Or so she thought. As the last ray of sunlight disappeared in the forest, she happened upon an establishment, The Fox Tail Inn. This place became her safe haven where the owner, Jessie Fisher,a kind and caring man,took her in as one of his own daughters. Happy to have finally found a family,she opened her own establishment a few yards from his Inn. She named it 'Zackrodisiac' in honor of her freedom.

You see, it isn't just a matter of achieving obedience, it's a matter of breaking them down.
Being hostile isn't enough for a slave, it's a matter of acting hostile.They don't listen to words until you've broken them
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Kurai is good in small doses, but too much of Kurai can cause: Irritation of the genitals, sonic diarrhea, explosive orgasms, child birth, addiction, PHS "Player Hatin' Syndrome", night-time cravings, and sickness or possibly death

it eats a you, you want it to change but it just seems to be something set into your personality, you may not know what from but it's just there, having it pop up at random points to make your day or night just seem gloomier..darker, more alone in some odd way

I think of you
As a angel
Sent down from heaven
To change my life forever

I was in hell
And dieing fast
Until your wings
Grasped me with love

You may think
That I'm exaggerating
But with your magic touch
A spell was cast upon me

A spell that I'm grateful for
One that has kept me from harm
One that saved me
From a world full of pain

Now I'm safe
And happily attached to you
I no longer have to search
For a love like yours and mine

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