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Amai hanketsu Report | 05/11/2015 6:50 pm
Amai hanketsu
Amai hanketsu Report | 05/09/2015 7:32 am
Amai hanketsu
I'm sorry but how do I look now? I love it! X3 how about you?
Amai hanketsu Report | 05/08/2015 11:03 pm
Amai hanketsu
Best friends forever irl and in Gaia Now XD so super generous. TTuTT
Amai hanketsu Report | 05/08/2015 10:00 am
Amai hanketsu
Hey sheng but can I get 6 more bil for a little something, if that's ok with you? ( ^ n^)/
Kinky Walrus Report | 05/08/2015 4:21 am
Kinky Walrus
No problem at all.
luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 05/07/2015 6:02 pm
So how are you? Happy school is almost over?
luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 05/07/2015 5:53 pm
Oh lol for a moment there I thought you were XD
Sounded like you were waiting in line.
luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 05/07/2015 5:48 pm
You at the store????
luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 05/07/2015 5:44 pm
For color pencils.......not really, I think Crayola is good, I don't really know because Kia just bought me this giant art set so no name on there XD
luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 05/07/2015 5:33 pm
Lol buy good ones, some color pencils, like mines, are very light. They're standart art pencils not Crayola