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Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/31

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hiya names Laura I am 31 currently single just focusing on my health like eating better getting a gym membership losing 100 pounds but that's my long term goal which is 145 my short term goal is 219 my and my friend are planning on losing a lot of our weight before we meet up we wanna reach our short term goal first so i.ve been eating better i cut better out of my food and salt only use garlic for seasoning i eat lots of chicken no fatty foods i only eat fast foods and sodas once a month and no carbs i still drink coffee and tea i need my caffeine and plenty of water i also play pokemon go so that burns tonz of calories plus i save money by not eating the fast foods like crazy i get to focus on buying beauty stuff for me now while i work on getting down in size now and eating right smilies/icon_smile.gif and one a month i spoil myself but that's it after that it's back to cardio and working out
now my friend vernon the guy in my picture he's my best friend my FWB and i love him he told me last night he loves me smilies/icon_biggrin.gif omg he loves me -SCREAMS- lmao but yea i am crazy about this guy the mans a genus HE ******** GOT ME TO EAT MY ******** VEGGIES!!!!O.O he cares about me and i care for him and hes amazing i'll tell you that much i wanna marry this guy smilies/icon_biggrin.gif but yea
miley is my cat who i recently got back on the 4th of January from my ex after 6 month of being apart shes a great cat i got her fixed and now shes makes my life amazing with her and vernon in my life i don't know what i do without you two but my life is complete with you two in it you both make me very happy you really do <3 you are my family now O'hana and that is what we are forever and i love you both you make my world worth waking up to worth living again smilies/icon_heart.gif


gets home after work my cat miley greets me as i sit in me recliner i turn on the tv to watch the news and thee coffee pot turns on and smells that yummy aroma and i know with that delicious smell and the loving affection of a cat i am home <3