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Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/15/2014 5:47 am
Squeaks~ whee
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/14/2014 7:38 am
-Nips at nose-
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/05/2014 5:39 pm
Am to am, had to cook breakfast for the home residents then got a break before having to come back in and prepare lunch/dinner. (I'm a chef at the facility)
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/05/2014 7:08 am
5:00 -.-
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/05/2014 6:38 am
Just got off work o:
-pokes tummy-
Wakey wakey c:
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/05/2014 6:34 am
Careful, I nibble~
Quite so, feeling quite bubbly today
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/05/2014 5:58 am
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/04/2014 2:50 pm
More of a jumping off point, to make ends meet. Hope to pursue my passion in coding and game design on the side.
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/04/2014 12:56 pm
Ah almost forgot, I was majoring computer science but I'm thinking of being a male nurse to be honest
Pervy_Gentleman Report | 09/04/2014 12:54 pm
Government paid for only a part, since I'm picking a new major not all of my credits will carry over. Which means more money out of my pocket. And yes, I had 2 part time jobs, nursing home and animal hospital, but the nursing home promoted me so I'm full time there. I'm glad it seems to be going well for you. Must admit, I've missed your acquaintance.

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