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The spawn of Chaos & Order.
The Link amongst the edges,
and the Abyss surrounding them.

"I am a Forest, and a Night of Dark Trees;
but who is not afraid of my Darkness,
will find banks full of Roses under my Cypresses."
—Friedrich Nietzsche


(English, Español & Italiano)

Lesbian, Eclectic Pagan, 27yrs old.
I draw, sing & write, among other things.


"[...] Oh Alessa, the world you wanted is nearly here.
I wish only for the salvation of [hu]mankind.
But for that to happen, the world must first be remade..."

{Clockwork Little Happiness}
Silent Hill III

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SLJ Report | 09/12/2015 11:02 pm
heart I wish we met when I was young and naive. I often wonder how big an impression you would have left on me...
Dorklevitz Report | 07/07/2015 8:42 pm
I being unable to answer to you through the phone, wanted to say i have received your message ( on the date July 7) and i am pleased to get a note from you heart i am staying with my Sister and her family. Living with the little ones gives me the opportunity to learn the seriousness of having empathy. I often live in a state of selfishness. But as a child i desired the same love that my nieces and nephew need. This is a lesson you and i may have discussed before but i am living it some more again. I am well. So hi and smiles~! How are you?
haunting heaven Report | 01/21/2015 6:47 pm
haunting heaven
Heyyyy. How have you been? I was just in the marketplace and happened to buy something from you, and realized I hadn't spoken to you for a while. And since I am finally back into getting onto Gaia regularly, I thought I would say hi. So. Hi!

I know last time we spoke you were just getting out of a really rough patch. I hope things are better or at least heading in that direction? (Even though scary things are going on in the world right now. sweatdrop )
Irrafay Report | 01/08/2015 9:27 am
Lol Bull definitely has the face I usually make.
Irrafay Report | 01/07/2015 8:40 am
I don't know which face is better there. XD