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Hey there,

My Groove


The slice of me

Name: Donathan or Don (would prefer to be call Kufu thou)
Age: Im 20

Im just a guy who like to randomly pm people for a nice chat so don't be scared to pm alright, aside from that im not much of a T.V person so i wouldn't really know much about the current shows that people flip their s**t over I mostly just spend my time playing games either it be console or CPU. The current systems i have are a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and of course a computer so if you ever feel like gaming or killing time hit me up then.
Besides all of that im mostly just a chill laid back guy who just wants to have a fun time with people, im also a dog lover, why you ask? Cause cats dont give two ******** about their owner....plus all my life i only had cats around me so im just sick of them.

My face