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Princess Turquoise Dove Report | 03/18/2015 1:31 pm
Princess Turquoise Dove
You so beautiful. Wish you my sister sweatdrop
Mistermanmww Report | 11/23/2014 9:27 pm
I am sorry if I upset you or made you mad at me if it makes you happy I can leave you alone if you wish just give me a sign?
Sky Kreiss Report | 07/26/2014 11:27 pm
Sky Kreiss
Judging from the background and your story, are you a zelda fan? and no. im not a stalker ok ha haha...I simply stumbled upon Krystalis...from where? a user. it says you are a mutual friend to X Dawg something gahahaga.

Crystal (cat): Oh my, another fellow by the name of Krystal, we stumbled upon you while walking gaia’s halls. and your avatar is a beauty, take it from me Cuz Im not crazy. Well, we better Go, up the hills and down again why is it so low? Ta!

Sky: I must apologize for my friend here. she is well, a blo*dy poet ... Adieu!
Bevoncey Report | 07/01/2014 11:45 pm
thanks for buying. heart
Akane aya Report | 06/22/2014 7:53 pm
Akane aya
all is well i did miss hearing from you ^_^
Akane aya Report | 06/22/2014 7:47 pm
Akane aya
hylia hope to hear from you ^_^
Eternity of Deus Report | 06/14/2014 2:16 pm
Eternity of Deus
Okies, I'm gonna go somewhere else for you to teleport, come to me in a minute.
Eternity of Deus Report | 06/14/2014 2:06 pm
Eternity of Deus
Meet me in towns 2 :>
- Tasogare no Arashii - Report | 02/20/2012 4:02 pm
- Tasogare no Arashii -
Well I have an idea! If you give me a brief description of the Japanese you already know, then maybe I can teach you a little at a beginner's level if you want?

Hmm, I am semi-lit roleplayer so I guess I shouldn't join... I need more practice to become literate first!
- Tasogare no Arashii - Report | 02/20/2012 10:31 am
- Tasogare no Arashii -
Me too ^^! Thank you. :3

Oh I see, I'm beginner-intermediate. My sensei says that I speak too formally, and that it is not natural among young people in Japan, so I must learn how to speak informally.

Also, your guild peaked my interest the other day, so I wanted to join but perhaps it is not too active now?

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}i{ Random Writing }i{

My Friend, My Lover...

I traveled the land of Hyrule, searching for something familiar to me... but with each step I took, I felt further and further from where I belong, and the ones who made that place worth searching for.

I crossed through endless miles of the fields, following the path that lead towards the Bridge of Eldin. I came upon a tall cliff, and my steps slowed down as the golden glow of the setting sun caught my vision, and I found myself standing at the top, just staring aimlessly towards the endless horizon ahead of me. In the distance, I saw the bridge, and then suddenly, I could swear to my ancestors, I saw a figure on horseback, and though I could not even make out the figure as anything more than passing shadow, I knew it was you, my friend. Without colors, I saw the green of your clothing, and the sunlight gleaming off of your readied sword and shield... yes, you are a hero to this land... but would you ever know... that you were also my hero? My eyes began to swell with expected tears... here I was, so close to reaching half of my heart, yet I was still so far away. My sorrow was so very heavy... but I held them back and continued my journey.

I took the route that would quickest led me to the bridge you just crossed, but by the time I arrived there, the sun had left me, and I could no longer see my steps ahead or behind me. I felt a little scared... but not because I was blinded by darkness... but by the thought that I would never catch up to you. But I did not stop walking... my body moved on its own, unable to still itself while my heart knew you were so close by.

I walked until my legs collapsed underneath me, throbbing and weak from fatigue. I was weary from travelling such a long distance, but I just couldn't stop... I need you this badly... the memories of our childhood... all that we have endured together over the years... it was too precious to leave unfinished.


My body must have shut down at some point, forcing my conscious to silence itself so that it could aid my aching muscles and shaking form to regain its strength. My eyes were closed, and as I opened them, my vision was blurred, but I could vaguely make out the light around me. I pushed myself up with my arms, and underneath my hands was a strange, grainy texture. In a slight panic, I rubbed my eyes with the backs of my hands, and as my vision cleared, I saw that I was surrounded by desert. How I could have ended up in a place like this, I could not figure out... but I had to find a way back to my former path, no matter the cost.

Unknowingly, I had been walking for miles, my feet were sinking into the hot sand the entire time... and the beating sun nauseated me. it would have seemed, to anyone else, that I would have given up and laid to die... but I had to move forward.

I began to hum a song I heard long ago... the one he played to me with his golden harp... the song that reminded me of him, suiting him like his own theme. I smiled then as hope came over me... somehow, you could always make me smile.

Suddenly, I began to hear the tune I hummed... but this time, it was not I who made this sound. I looked around me with wide eyes... the sound of harp strings being strummed was not just in my mind. It could have simply been an illusion of the desert.. but somehow, I knew it was you. I walked forward, following the song. It began to grow louder with each step I took, and my heart began to pound. I quickened my pace, and smiled as the song sounded as if it was right in front of me. Then, as I passed through a wall of blowing sand, I was standing in the middle of a stone structure. Where I had arrived, I could not recall... but when I listened for your song, it was suddenly gone. I turned to walk away, but in the corner of my eye, a shadow passed me by. I turned once more, calling your name, as if to hear you call mine in return. I waited for a few moments... but alas, there was no one to be seen.

with a deep sigh, I fell to my knees, feeling the tears stinging my eyes once more, but I continued to fight them. But it was too much to bear... how can I ever live my life without you, my friend, my lover?

}i{ A small story, inspired by Link and Sheik, the Legend of Zelda and my own character, Krystalis. }i{


The Strength Inside

I am trying hard to find my place,
somewhere I have belonged from the start,
I can feel it deep within my heart.

Is it here or there,
thousands of miles away,
why can I not find my way?

I need a guide to lead my way along...

Take my hand,
I am so afraid,
My dear please do not turn away,
I need your guiding words to carry on.

I have waited for the longest time,
for a chance,
or at least a sign,
stuck in a race with what is there’s and what is mine.

I pray every night for the one who would,
carry me to the finish line.

So I closed my eyes,
just once more,
with tears falling I prayed to the heavens,

"Please help me to lift my weary soul..."

Suddenly it came,
the answers I sought,
A man appeared clothed in a kimono and a crown,
flowing hair to his ankles it hung down.

He turned his head and smiled at me,
placing his hand in mine,
wrists and fingers drenched in gold jewelry,
Caressing my cheek he then said,

"You will be alright,
so please do not cry,
I promise things will turn out fine,
just trust your instincts every time."

"There may be days when all hope seems gone,
but believe me my dear it shan’t be for long,
if you keep your faith and stay strong."

It all then ended with a kiss,
my tear stained cheek was brushed with his ruby red painted lips,
as I awoke in my bed alone.
And I thought,

‘He is so handsome, but what does he mean?
My heart it already bleeds so,
where does he want me to go?’

I swear to find my way someday,
whatever it takes,
I will find my place.

out there,
he waits,

I will be alright,
so I shall not cry,
I know that things will turn out fine,
I will trust my instincts every time.

There may be days when all hope seems gone,
but my heart believes it can’t be for long,
if I hold onto my faith and stay strong.


Nameless Lover

Deep inside... I have been searching so,
desperately I,
nearly missed you.

And I tried... I tried to mask the sadness,
(Oh) I lied,
kept saying I was fine.

I said I did not need you though,
when really I,
was dying inside wanting to meet you.

What was I supposed to say?
They never listened anyway.

How can you explain a nameless love,
one that only your angels above,
could ever truly understand?

I thought... my heart would never heal,
(Oh) I have,
been so alone and,
I just need something that is real.

In my mind I,
heard voices screaming, telling me,
I could do it on my own.

Because how can I ever love a man again,
when all the ones I know have,
turned their backs and walked away?

Goodbye father,
farewell uncles,
So long grandfather,
sayonara so called friends,

Welcome to the pain that is in my heart to stay.

Even though I have found something new,
before even having met him,
I am still afraid that he will leave me too.

Maybe I do not know him yet,
but I am willing to make a bet,
that he is not the same as them.

(At least that is what her soul is hoping for...)

So in my final act of hope I must confess,
from a distant Asian land,
I have fallen in love with a man in a dress.

(She is strange, her thoughts are strained.)

Now before you leave,
listen for a moment please,
He is not as different as you may believe.

(What could they share, besides the clothes they wear?)

Before we pass our judgements,
we need to meet first so,
pull him up a chair and listen for a moment.

(Daydreaming... the safest way to ease the heartache.)

We both love to dance,
we both love to sing,
we both have a heart that aches for,
understanding and acceptance... a true romance.

(He is a peculiar lad, She must be going mad.)

We both wear make up,
we both have piercings,
we both love Japanese fashion,
sometimes dresses sometimes pants,
we are not as strange as you may think so,
just save us your foolish rants.

(He is a curious lass, seems he has no class.)

Do not tell me how I should feel,
no matter what people say,
I know our love could be real.

(He may be a bad man, might be best if she just ran.)

I cannot just run away....
No no...
I need to know just who he is...
No... no... no...

(Voices chant, love her he can’t.)

(She is so distressed, her mind is a mess.)

(Lend her your ear, make her feelings be clear.)

Even though I have found something new,
before even having met him,
I am still afraid that he will leave me too.

(She is still scared, still so unprepared...)

Maybe I do not know him yet,
but I am willing to make a bet,
that he is not the same as them.

(Seems she is finally heading towards the open doors...)

So in my final act of hope I must confess,
from a distant Asian land,
I have fallen in love with a man in a dress.

Yes... I am finally ready to admit,
I am in love with that,
beautiful, kabuki inspired man in a dress!

You love me to... don’t you?


Run and Hide

You can try to ignore it,
for as long as you like,
but they will still be there,
even when you turn away.

What will you do,
while he stands in front of you,
hopeful yet hopeless,
if he only knew...

That all you do is run and hide,
when things start getting too close,
it is more than just time,
that you try to bide.

Do you even have a clue?
You do not...

So just run and hide,
from the ones who try to help you,
push aside,
what your heart tells you to do.

One day you will find yourself,
falling to the ground,
reaching out to someone else,
but there will be no one around.

You’ll be left to take the pain alone,
crying out with all your heart,
bruises on your hands and knees,
you are forced to crawl your way back home.

Run and hide,
just keep lying to yourself,
try to pretend,
that it does not hurt.

You can try to ignore it,
for as long as you like,
but it will still be there,
even when you look away.

What should he do,
as you lie on the ground before him,
hopeful yet hopeless,
if he really knew...

But I never knew... knew you.

When you ask your higher power,
to give you a helping hand,
why bother reaching towards it,
when you will just slap it away like a coward?

Now even your faith is,
eluding you.

All because... you cannot stop running and hiding.


Memories Masked As Dreams

She laid down in the soft green grass, not caring how much time has passed.

Her eyes became still as she traced the clouds above with an invisible pen, drawing out an image.

The sky soon turned into a stage, and the clouds slowly formed into the figures of people.

A lone girl stood gazing into a large, rectangular mirror, make up bleeding down her cheeks as her tears fell from her eyes.

"Mirror mirror, so tall and clear... is there anyone out there who wishes me to be here?"

She whispered to herself, vision blurred and her knees quivering.

She soon fell to the ground on her knees, cuping her hands and placing them over her face, just wanting to melt away...

Hours passed... days faded... years fossilized.

She became so numb... so cold... her body began to stiffen like stone.

But then one night, as she lay helpless and drained... a strange sound rang through her mind.

A voice... a song... such a wondrous chorus.

Her eyes began to slowly force themselves awake, her mouth undoing the stitches that weaved them shut for so long.

"That voice... that song... who is that?"

As she looked up, she saw a figure in the mirror. One that lay just like her, but seemed to be different.

Slowly, the figures head rises, its face covered in a veil of shadows.

At that moment... she heard a familiar phrase... one that was similar to one once uttered so long ago...

"Mirror mirror, so tall and clear... where is the one who has called me here?"

In that moment, her eyes widened and her mouth fell ajar, only able to lay in disbelief.

Slowly, she raised her hand towards the mirror, eyes locked onto the shadowed figure.

She pressed her palm against the glass, her body trembling and her heart aching.

"Why, or mirror, why oh why? Do you truly wish for me to die?"

A silent tear ran down her cheek, confused by the image... numb from the pain... tired from the waiting.

Just as her hand began to slip away from the mirror's glass, she felt a strange warmth suddenly cover her palm.

Once again, she heard the song... that beautiful voice.

She looked back at the mirror, the shadow now fading, and the image one that she had not expected...

A handsome man was unveiled, sitting just as she was and his palm against hers.

"You are my reflection, another image of me. Stop trying to run... there is no need to flee."

Somehow the man's words broke through the girls overly proted heart, her lips curving into a gentle smile, her head lowered to rest against his, the glass of the mirror the only thing that keeps them separated.

Now back in reality, the girl sat up slowly and looked back up at the sky, a smile on her face and a simple sentence escaping her lips.

"Though the trials of time may try to keep us apart... I will never give up on you... the mirror image deep within my heart."


Tears... Mistaken For Shooting Stars

For every one that falls... a wish is close behind it.

Each moment they last... only a few notice them.

Though they seem so rare... they fall every night.

Onto my pillow... into my hands... onto my lap... gone but never forgotten.

They once only fell but a few times every few years...

But now they fall each night, though you are so blind to their image.

If ever a time may come that you catch but a glimpse of a falling wish...

Falling not from the sky... but from my eyes,

Reach out and catch one, and remember each time you see a shooting star,

Because one of those times... they could have fallen because of you.


Buried Lost Treasure

I have every need for this hard shell, it protects me from this living hell.

Not this life... but these things in life, as I am too fragile to fight back, but too strong to admit that I hurt deep inside.

You think me to be a rock... so I became one... lunged into the freezing cold waters that is the world I know, and I let myself sink.

As a rock, I will never drown... but never will I be seen again... here alone, I will grow, I will prosper... I will learn... I will become wiser.

No one will ever know, deep beneath the dark and dirtied exterior of my guarded shell, a gem does exist... but it is so far buried, even I do not see it.

But nevertheless, I am here... it is there... held together by rusted chains and clenched fists... forever on my own, but not alone... a jewel never to be found.


I have something to say...

I've had enough of 'settling', saying that it's just fine,
When all I really want inside,
Is something to go my way some time.

It's like I have no other choice,
But to do what others want first,
Like it doesn't matter how I feel,
As if my sadness is not real.

It's not asking much you know,
To know what it's like,
When I think of something I desire to come true,
To be told yes instead of no.

It might not be the biggest of things,
But disappointment hurts regardless of the aim,
And we can only take so much,
Before it becomes everlasting pain.

You don't wish to settle, and neither do I...
So I hate to be so bitter,
But I need to know what satisfaction of the heart is like...
It's no longer something I can deny.


This Life is a Lie

Even in the light... I am blinded by the darkness.
Even when I scream... no one ever hears a thing.
Even when I cry... they believe me when I say that I am fine.
There are walls around my heart... and beneath that, thick glaciers of the coldest ice... it makes me bitter, but it numbs the pain.

You may not see it, but there are wounds inside of me... left unmended for so long, I have finally bled out all of my spirit that I could.

Yes, they hear me... but none have ever truly listened. If you had... then I would not be the hollow shell you see now... filled, indeed... but only with broken pieces...

All the promises... every claim of care... for every 'I love you' I ever heard...
It fills me now with utter misery... this life is just a lie to me.

<<<< My Main: KabukiSamurai. I'm a man at heart... just a 'girl' on the outside, haha~ XP

VVVV I do snapshots on my Smash Brothers... A LOT! VVVV