Note: This is very important, for your own record, I'm female okay?

[LIKES]: I love art, I like baking but hopefully to cook other things. I just picked up 2 new hobbies. One is a very expensive one and the other is create things made out of polymer clay/resin. I love music all kinds but I can't seem to get into country at all. Music and movies inspire me a lot in life. I like writing and hope to get into some writing classes to brush up. I like making things just to busy myself. I like video games and etc. I also would like to know all about many cultures and visit countries. Love to travel if I have the money for it ^_^;;
Also got into ASMR.

**MUSIC** : my music varies. Depends on my mood.
Jrock/Jpop - Kpop
Movie soundtracks - mostly instrumental
Anime/Game soundtracks
Industrial/ aggrotech.
Other ones like Two steps from Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Audiomachine,etc.
Vocal Trance

I love cupcakes especially making them : O
I mostly like veggies over than meat. I prefer chicken over beef/steak/etc.
I love mushrooms *-*, I love asian food especially Japanese food. I love mexican and indian as well.

**Anime/Video games list (Too many to list atm)**

CURRENT: Anime - --> Chaos Child// Ao no Exoricst new season// Spiritpact // Kuzu no Honkai // Masamune-kun no Revenge // Naruto Shippuden // Trickster // etc.

Games & Interested - --> FFXV // Final Fantasy series // Blade and Soul (Jiwan Server) // Mabinogi (Ruairi Server)) // BDO // Persona Series // Resident evil series// Dragon Age series// Fallout series// Skyrim// Mass Effect series// etc.
DEEMO// Dragon Blaze// Otome games.

I also play Steam. Pm my steam name.
((Too many to list))

[DISLIKES]: More so if you're rude to others or to me.

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** Working on it **

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Banners of various threads/petitions/arts/quest/etc:
((adding more soon))

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AVI ARTS (Very old)

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Present Theme: :: Mixing it up abit or not~


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Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/19/2017 6:16 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Of course you're good. emotion_awesome
The other Maneater items I had weren't color matches anyways; navy and cream, yellow and black.
Psh, I'm going to be donating my gold again, that's how much I need it. XD

So I see that cat item.
When I find my wishlist paper, I'm going to have to write that down so I can add it to the list of things to consider obtaining in the future.
Flawlessly Broken

Report | 03/19/2017 4:55 pm

Flawlessly Broken

Thanks Krowy-! *flexes muscles*

I miss seeing you around.
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/19/2017 1:50 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I'm so not used to the pain. emo
As I'm a redhead, and redheads feel more pain because of genetics, I'm sensitive. gonk
Also this makes my second dentistry place to avoid because how I felt treated.

I need a cleaning, but more importantly, need fillings.
Last time I went to the dentist for fillings was twelve years ago. x-x
I know the pain of the teeth. emo

Oh, okay.
Well you can sell the item, then. XD
If I had an extra Amalgam Maneater (the pants) then I'd gift you one, or at least buy you one, but those are 10 bil now and I only got 1.5 bil. x-x!
I might have some extras, but I don't think they're red-colored.
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/19/2017 1:20 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Yeah~! emotion_brofist

The pants were a gift to me from someone, but the shirt is Ultimate Roundball Punch (the same item as my hat is,) and that's a super-cheap item.
I'm more than likely sure I got an extra, so I'll dig it up if you want it?
I only picked these white pants because it had the matching red color on the shoes. XD

I'm not even going to attempt drawing yet.
Got other things to do.
Trying to fix up my Wattpad story so it can be more correctly written.
I asked for some advice, and it's been so helpful that I believe I'm doing a better job! emotion_kirakira

Maybe I could help you come up with a name?
Or there is Seventh Sanctum's name generator.
It's what I use for a lot of things. XD

I'm doing good, thanks for asking!
Yesterday - had a cheeseburger from Dairy Queen, and wow it was delicious! emotion_drool
Also had two slices of pizza for supper.
Unfortunately my stomach isn't used to fast food yet so that'll be the next thing to fix. XD

My trip to the dentist was... okay...
I started to feel a bit feverish, a bit sore, and using my own dentistry mirror tool and a flashlight, I could see there was an infection.
Dentists gave me loads of misleading questions, said that I had no infection at all, treated me like I knew nothing at all about how to brush my teeth, and made me feel genuinely embarrassed about myself.
On top of that, it was 'bring your child to work day' so there was a young girl there to watch - and, not good - kids make me nervous.
Then after the cleaning was done and they put a medicine pack in my mouth, one of them sat down and was like, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you got X-named gum disease, and if you want to treat it, come back quickly and we'll go through tons of tough procedures to cure it."
I get home, look it up - I don't even have any signs of the 'disease' and the 'disease' itself was just plaque buildup.
Which is ironic because I brush my teeth every day, so my mom was like, "That's not even possible, I've seen you brush your teeth."
That coming from my mom, who had all of her teeth pulled before she was my age - yeah, we both thought it was just them trying to con me out of my money.
So I'm never going back to that dentist. stare

After that medicine pack though, I'm doing just fine!
...Extremely stuttery sometimes ( th, ck, ch-words are still awkward to speak) but I'm getting there. redface
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/19/2017 12:23 pm

Shadow Belmonte

You think mine is cool? emotion_kirakira
You think mine is cool! redface
*runs around to tell everyone*
I'm cool again! emotion_0A0
But it's funny though because yours I think is cooler - you have matching ears and a tail (I failed at both but really wanted to but oh well, different shades of red and non-matching themes and whatnot issues) and you have an awesome baseball bat.
Plus, headphones. emotion_0A0

I really do have to thank you though - I've always thought this hat item and the wings were worthless until you helped me come up with something great. emotion_kirakira *clings*

No we're not doing a contest because you're better at coming up with outfits.
(If you didn't notice - you make a cool outfit, and when I'm struggling to make one, you help me come up with something. I guess I feel inspired by your tastes in items!) emotion_kirakira

But we could be fighter teammates? emotion_dealwithit
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/18/2017 2:23 pm

Shadow Belmonte

What a cool outfit. emotion_0A0

I'm doing okay, how about you?

*dives into inventory, to find red-and-black theme* emotion_kirakira
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/18/2017 1:58 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Paper Friend

Report | 03/14/2017 6:43 pm

Paper Friend

It helped a bit~
Thank you! >w<
Paper Friend

Report | 03/09/2017 11:22 pm

Paper Friend

*Tackles* > n>
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/03/2017 3:49 am

Shadow Belmonte

It's not really a money issue for me.
I just don't like going to the dentist after a bad experience with one. sweatdrop


(Call me Krowy)