gaia_nitemareleft *sighs softly* Hello, my name is krist. You can see what i look like from my avatar, and.. i'd appreciate it if you didn't comment on the scales around my eyes. *shifts slightly, biting his lip* I uhm.. i don't really know what to say here, so.. oh, wait. I'm a character who is roleplayed by Kile, my creator. If you'd like to talk to him, or request a commission, his account is "Demu-Kun"

As for me, uhm.. if you were intended to talk with me, which i don't mind, here's a little bit of information on me.

Name: Krist Sasonii
Age: unknown
Personality: Cold and intimidating at first, but will warm up to you
History: It's... a long story.
Relationship status: Single for the moment
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, but leans more towards guys
Position: It depends. With most, i prefer seme. But there are the rare few where.... i prefer uke, but it's rare! *huffs slightly*

I guess that should cover it.. if you'd like to know anything else, feel free to contact me however you wish. See everyone later. gaia_nitemareright

yum_strawberry Kile: Hi there 8D I am actively on this account, literally everyday, so don't be afraid to drop a starter~ ;3
Also, as a side note, please don't mistake our personalities. Krist's is cold and sometimes intimidating, mine is upbeat and outgoing. Just because krist thinks something, does not mean that i do. Same goes for moods; If he's angry, that doesn't mean i am~ So, thank you kindly for understanding, and enjoy~! ;D yum_strawberry


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1500-5000 gold for chibis and such c:


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iSakine Meito Nii

Report | 05/27/2013 11:51 am

iSakine Meito Nii

*smirks proud of his-self when see Krist blushing* Maybe *look straight into his eyes, for a moment he thought he 'seen' something... maybe feeling, he felt pretty much comfortable with this 'little' boy, Krist...*
*Meito grinned and chuckled, looking at Krist.. sure he knew how not to get bored, eh?* Oh, not at all~
Awesome, I didn't really felt like walking around, hehe... *he nodded proud seeing that Krist was liking his 'baby', hopped on the 'front' side of the moto-cycle, ready to go* Any place you would like to go to, bro? *he started thinking about a cool place to go to, even if not a lot of places are 'this' cool, after all.. are the things that people do that are interesting, nay?*

Ooc: You're welcome man ;D Well, it's fine xD My main account had been made after the rps account as well xD
Yes, it should be damn! we deserve it! |D hohohohoho, then you're hired! ;D
That's good! :3
I can't wait to see more pictures from you! I like draw a lot too, so it really interest me :3
Now I'm curious about Krist backstory ;; A;; tell me > w>
iSakine Meito Nii

Report | 05/21/2013 12:09 pm

iSakine Meito Nii

Thank you man, you sure have great taste~ *grins*
*as Krist walks closer to him and tell he's 'delicious as well', Meito makes a little smile, then walks even more closer and just kisses lightly Kirst's neck* As I thought, seems like you really are the delicious one here~ *licks his lips, then smirks to Krist*
*nods as Krist seems appreciating the sakè* It's good you like it, I have a lot of that... just, slow down drinking it or you will get drunk *smirks to him and winks*
Sure lad! We're going to have fun for sure... *walks away a bit, getting closer to his big badass motorcycle (or how the hell is it called), throwing one helmet to Krist* So, you prefer walking or going with my badass baby? Just asking for your friend, you know *smirks, looking at Shiva*

But why thank you ;3 You did too, I love your 'main' account and Krist. I love his name and outfit, hehe~
Hohoho, so it is! So much epicness for you! XD *give you the epic badge* You're going to be my yaoi buddy if we go on like this... XD
That's so true. Even in real life I don't see nothing wrong with it... my neighboorns were a gay couple when I was a kid, but they were awesome, so kind~
Seems like you're getting even more interesting with the time, for me... *pokes you* > w> Aw, hehe, thank you lad, I'm honored >// u//<
Ps: Krist profile is so cool, I like it > u>
iSakine Meito Nii

Report | 05/17/2013 7:14 am

iSakine Meito Nii

Really? As you said, my name is 'stranger' than yours, so I don't see problems... *make an half smile and winks* I think I will be calling you just Krist~
*giggles* Why I immaginated that? *smirks now without giggling or whatever* What to say, you still look delicious to me~
*nods* Good chioce, man. We're not going to get bored *grins, drinks a bit of his sakè, then looks at Shiva with an interested look* Cool, it's like your 'pet'? Hehe, let Shiva join then~

Why no problems my dear~ ;3
Well, that's good, I kind of dislike being like all the others ùvu Thank you, thank you, it makes me proud that I did a good work afterall ;; w;;
I know what you mean, people just dosn't understand... ;; A;;

I think I'm totally going to add your main account with miner, man. You're interesting... > u>
iSakine Meito Nii

Report | 05/15/2013 10:58 am

iSakine Meito Nii

Well, then nice to meet you, Krist~ *smirks and looks Krist into the eyes* You know, I actually like your name.
Mh, thank you man, but you surelly looks more 'delicious' than me *licks his lips for giving the idea of someone who's already 'tasting' something tasty, for playing and smiles to him*
So, Krist, would you'll like to join me? *hands him a glass of sakè* Or do you prefer going somewhere else? *smirks*

Ooc: Hehe, how would I don't accept such an inviting and 'tasty' request? > u<
Yes, really :3 His design is really good, also! Aw, thank you hunnie! I readed on the wiki that he have to be the patient and good sibling of Meiko but I always roleplayed as the delinquent Meito, both online and with my sister, and I'm glad that for once someone like this version of him > u< T-the best one? o// u//o A-ah, thank you so much! >//u//< No one ever said something like that >// u//>
Hehe awesome ;D Yaoi it's awesome, and you're awesome since you like it 8D
Sure, for you too and thank you~ ;3
iSakine Meito Nii

Report | 05/14/2013 1:04 pm

iSakine Meito Nii

Hey man, thank you for requesting me to be friends, for me it's fine.
My name's Meito, nice to meet you *brofist*
You know, you actually look cool *smirks*

Ooc: Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for the friend request!
I readed about your character in his 'about me' and I like him, so I'll be glad to roleplay with you with Meito/every other character we would think of! (also, we might can do yaoi rp, sometimes > u> wink
Thank you again for the friend request... c:
Affectionate Sayu

Report | 05/02/2013 6:11 pm

Affectionate Sayu

Oh 1 thing in commom of us ^_^ emotion_yatta
Affectionate Sayu

Report | 05/02/2013 5:51 pm

Affectionate Sayu

*blushes* oh um thank you... your just so...nice... if i said something bad then i'll say sorry all the time... and when i do that to some people they find it annoying
Affectionate Sayu

Report | 05/02/2013 5:46 pm

Affectionate Sayu

Im sorry! i have a bad habit of saying sorry too much.. im sorry if im annoying to you sad
Affectionate Sayu

Report | 05/02/2013 5:33 pm

Affectionate Sayu

Im sorry if this is a late reply but thank you![
Affectionate Sayu

Report | 04/25/2013 12:31 pm

Affectionate Sayu

Awesome profile bro! ^_^