Subject name: Kris Ajiko Sekhmet

Race: Pahket; An advanced and exotic race of were-creature said to have been derived from an Egyptian lion goddess identified by the Greeks with Artemis, the huntress.

Gender: Female

Age: Approximately 23

Height: 7'5"(in hybrid form) 6'2"(in human form) 4'11" at shoulders 9'1" from nose to tail(in lioness form). Tail is always 3' long.

Weight: 326 lbs.(in hybrid from) 232 lbs.(in human form) 372 lbs.(in lioness form)

Physical Description:
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Amazonian. In her hybrid form she has a very lithe, well-muscled build. She has slitted cat-like pupils set in piercing emerald eyes and mid-back platinum hair that frames her face in two large bangs down the sides of her face. Her fur is soft and very similar in color to her hair covers her cat-like ears on the sides of her head and the long tail.

-In human(As seen above) form her eyes are still emerald and the pupils remain slitted. Her hair is waist-length and more matches the color of her mane in lioness form like in her feline form in color as it frames her features. Her skin is of the same light tan and retaining quite a bit of her feline traits she has a voluptuous, but tightly toned build.

-Animal form is as one would imagine as that of a large lioness with matching eyes and fur. She tends to avoid this form as it is a bit difficult to open doors and picking up things she normally uses with her paws.

Personality: As you would expect Kris is very proud of her natural beauty and physique. When she isn't working in her dimensional garage on her weapons and various other hardware she's exercising to maintain her figure, or honing her talents which she is also proud of. Kris has a radiant and confident personality, but she can be deadly serious when the time calls for it. Her mood can also sour quickly if she is around those who give off "hostile vibrations" which might trigger her more vicious nature.

She also has something of a libido that revolves around her love of things aggressive be it a rousing game of street football, intense training session, or other more esoteric aggressive activities.

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The awesome artwork seen here is done by Fred Perry of Antartic Press. The dude's awesome. Someday at a Con I'm going to track him down and have him sign my sketchbook.

Misc. Information:

-Kris can lift about four and a half tons and sprint at 720 mph for about six seconds though she must rest for three hours afterwards. She has a cruise speed of about 230 mph. which she can maximum for about six hours. Finally, she can punch and kick with enough speed to make the blow nearly invisible to the naked eye, nearly create a miniature sonic boom or slam holes through five feet of solid stone. She is about half capacity in these aspects in her human form.

-Kris is a magical humanoid as are all other were-folk and can only be seriously injured or killed by magical attacks, silver weapons, or the teeth and claws of another were-person(damage from normal weapons heal very quickly). Unlike other were-folk however she cannot inflict lycanthropy by contamination as her mentor magically removed that ability through an enchantment he placed on her when she was young.

-It has been recently discovered that linked to her transformation talents she has obtained the esoteric ability to manipulate her hair folicles resulting in being able to increase or decrease her hair growth. It is undetermined what this ability is linked to, but she will likely use it disguise herself in some way.

-Kris has recently shown the ability to generate ammo by sheer force of belief. As long as she believes she has ammo for whatever weapon she's holding she will have it. The moment she relizes or thinks she's out or running low this ability will stop. It is unclear where she picked up this ability, but it has recently manifested along with a few other magical talents of her's.

User Image -During the 'Mephisto Conflict' storyline Kris had spent some time in the netherworld known as Sheol in order to track and kill a powerful demon said to be drawing power from the sleeping demon lord Mephisto. Being in the realm for so long has strangely affected her human form, making it closer to her hybrid in form. She is still halved in physical attributes in comparison, but it seems as if that particular form more easily shifts from humanto hybrid.

User Image -An anomaly from the previously mentioned conflict seems to have given her the ability to make minor changes to her appearance like any Alpha Female of her breed of Pahket could. She can 'sculpt' certain bones in her body as well as make changes to her hair and eye color. While she can't make drastic changes in her appearance, it would be enough to lose her in a crowd if she were being pursued. This ability requires conscious mental effort and can only be done three times a day.


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Kris Sekhmet's Journal

Files from the Pillar of Hephaestus on various things.



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Always such a shame to see such interesting people no longer on gaia.

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great avi and oc. is all the artwork done specifically for your OC?

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Would you like to be friends? I find your character very intriguing.

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I hope you'll post in our roleplay, it has been awhile.
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