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ima cake just dont eat me

☺ Tie-Dye Tuesday ☻

ImaCake. is an amazing girl who means very much to me. Although she rarely ever get online she still has a place in my heart. Don't be starting sh*t with her or I'll come over there and shove a spork up your nostrils ☻

Flawlessss.He's Vicky's cousin. I barley know him but he was very nice in gifting Vicky & I the item Winter Rose (at the time it cost a million). I couldn't have been more thankful for anything. Hopefully when he gets online I'll get him something he would want. Thanks again Flawlesss

Vicky is my bestie.From trolling in the rally. To running from the po po she has my back & I have hers. She means very much to me. I do very much miss her a ton. I'd wish she get her bum cheeks online. But if you ever dare to do so start sh*t be prepare to have your @ss whoop cause I'll finish what you started.

Staycoolbro & StayfreshThese two girls are the most adorable yet flippin amazing girls I've met. They sure can crack a joke or two and in the end they have me laughing my @ss off. They both rarley get online but that's none of my business. Yet they will have a place in my heart to remain important to me. So don't think about starting sh*t with them you twats.