yum_pizza Welcome to my Shop yum_pizza

1. Want a discount? Send me a message with a reasonable price. If I dont reply Im either offline or I hated your offer.

2. Dont have enough gold? I be happy to hold off the item for you. I will give you about 2-3 weeks to come up with the gold. Otherwise Im putting it back onto the market.

3. Searching for a certain item? I probably have it in my inventory. Send me a message about it. I will most likely sell it to you.

4. "Made a mistake with a purchase"? I do not do refunds. You bought it. You keep it. Or try selling it back onto the market.

5. I bought something from you for cheap but you want it back? Yeah I do not think so. Im not responsible for that. So do not try to message me about it. I will ignore it.

yum_pizza Update yum_pizza

Ive change my profile setting to everyone. This allows you to be able to contact me with any following questions about an item.

I mainly sell my items on the Gaia Exchange forms.

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