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I feel like it's been years since I've been back! Oh wait, it has! 2 years actually. But here I am, still in love with WRITING and wanting to get back into some Gaia roleplaying. Truthfully, I should be job searching for the Bachelor's Degree in English I managed to obtain during my abscene. Hey, don't judge me. I figure if I get back on here it'll keep me writing and fine tune both the writing and my editing skills as well.

Anywho, if you care to RP PM me with any ideas or pairings you have. I am very fond of MXM roleplays. Preferably, 1x1. I am no longer really big on group roleplays, but if you can make a convincing argument, I would consider joining.

I roleplay by thread, email or messaging (preference in that order). If you don't have any ideas and care to brainstorm I can be reached through AIM messenger and/or email: spnfangirl9109

Just to decorate a bit:

And now here's some grossly in love characters for you...yay for Destiel! ;]

Let's end it with classic eye sex: