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luvlee_pretty_gurl Report | 01/23/2015 12:06 pm
You're welcome ^_^
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 01/15/2015 6:30 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
Happy New Year to you as well! The holidays were pretty good. We went to my parents' house on Boxing Day and stayed for a few days to celebrate with my mom's family. Then we had a New Years party at our house, which was really fun. Nothing particularly big or exciting for Christmas this year, but that's alright. My favorite part of the holidays is getting to be with everyone.

How were your holidays?
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/23/2014 5:47 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
An early baby would not be nice. wink And happy Christmas to you as well!!
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/20/2014 7:40 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
Wow. Yeah, last year was pretty rough. We did Christmas Eve at our house instead of the in-laws like we had in the past. My father-in-law just couldn't bear to do the celebration at his place. We were helped a bit by the fact that my nephew is still young (he was 4), and it was easy to focus on him instead of the gaping hole left by my mother-in-law's passing. My husband just tries not to think about it, I think. But it's been hard with me being pregnant now. She was really, really looking forward to meeting our children, so it just sucks that she died before even having a chance. sad

Haha, ok, I'm done with university. wink We just use the term "school" to refer to any formal education, so it applies to everything from grade school all the way through doctoral degrees. My grades actually turned out really well this semester! I got top grades in all of my classes, and I passed the class that I was taking as a pass/fail grade. Woo!! I really am done with seminary.

Also, we don't genuflect or do the sign of the cross in the UMC. wink That's definitely a Catholic thing, and maybe a Church of England thing. (Although Anglicanism is so close to Catholicism.)

I could try. There are a lot of people who are trying already, but it's very difficult because we're a worldwide denomination. Many of our brothers and sisters from Africa and South America are very evangelical and conservative in their theology, so while American Methodism may be ready for theological change, the denomination as a whole is not. They're just not interested in opening up to theologies that really challenge what they believe already.

I mean, certainly not right away. For that first month or two, life is just going to be about adjusting to having a child. Neither of us has ever experienced that, so we have no idea what everything will be like. After that, though, who knows? I think that there are all sorts of possibilities in the future.

So if you're not easy to please, what sorts of things please you?
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/18/2014 5:46 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
How long has he been gone now? Does it get any easier?

Haha, I figured that was probably an American thing. We're so silly. xd

Haha, I was in school, pregnant, and married. I'm now officially done. Woo!! Just waiting on grades to come in! I've been working on a Master of Divinity, so a theology degree. Not sure what I'm going to end up doing with it. My original plan had been to seek ordination as an elder or deacon in the United Methodist Church, but I'm not so sure anymore. I've become pretty frustrated with the UMC over the past few years. I'm also not sure that my own theology fits as well in the UMC as it used to. I dunno. We'll see what happens. My diploma will read that I graduate in February, and I'll walk at our ceremony in May.

When we first started talking babies, we had decided that we didn't want children while we were in school because that just seemed overwhelming and ridiculous, especially because I had such a long commute each week. We decided it would be ok for me to be pregnant during my last semester, though, and that's exactly what ended up happening! So I finished school this month, and baby's due at the end of January. Couldn't have timed that better. wink It's a little sooner than we had originally anticipated, since we had figured that it would take a while to get pregnant. That was not the case for us.

I'm sure we won't be. We're both ridiculously easy to please. Life is so much more fun that way!
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/17/2014 5:43 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
Thanks. It super sucks, especially around the holidays. It felt like the family just jived better when she was around, you know?

Ha! I'm not the only one who's forgotten stuff in the past year!! wink And about the time distance, would you say "Such-and-such city is so many miles away" or "such-and-such city is so many minutes/hours away"?

Haha, well, considering I've been in school for the past three and a half years...and it's not like we have money to travel right now. But someday!!

All of those places sound awesome. We'll probably try to stay in some smaller villages, too. Probably I'll do some research before we finally plan our trip so that we can figure out everywhere we want to visit. Either we're going to have to take a long trip or several shorter ones. 3nodding
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/15/2014 4:23 pm
The 20-Pound Cherry
Hehe, nothing wrong with that! My husband was the same way, but his mom passed away a year and a half ago. sad

Yeah, I think that may play into it. I also think a huge part of it is just that we're all crazy busy. My dad is pastor and always has stuff going on. My mom helps out with a bunch of stuff at the church, and she also runs her own private violin studio. She's also fairly active in a few groups. And then I've been going to school and had my own thing going on. Plus we live three hours away from each other. (Do y'all discuss distances to travel in time? Is that just an American thing?)

Actually, we have no itinerary at all, haha. It's still just a dream. It's one of those "someday, we'll do this" things. I'm also still reeeeeeally bad at my geography, so I barely know the cities across the Pond. I should have more time to learn now, though. smile Do you have any suggestions?
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/15/2014 6:59 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
Yeah, I think sometimes people have an issue with the fact that boobs are sexualized but also practical. At least as far as breastfeeding in public goes.

Wow! That's a lot more often than I talk to my parents. Although we text a lot.

I think we probably won't be disappointed. It'll be cool to simply be in the places that we've seen on all of our shows. Also, Europe in general has so much more history than the States, which is AWESOME. There are so many old buildings and historical locations. We've got history in America, but we've also suppressed a lot of it or simply ignored it.
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/12/2014 10:22 am
The 20-Pound Cherry
First of all, thank you so much for the fairy wings!!!! heart heart heart That was so unexpected! Super brightened my day. biggrin

Second, I don't understand people who aren't big on breastfeeding, considering the outrageous amount of benefits. I completely understand that there are women who have supply issues or other problems that prevent them from breastfeeding. I don't understand, though, when people choose to formula-feed from the beginning. If nothing else, it is SO MUCH CHEAPER. Yay, saving money!

Do you see her often? And it's totally ok to get maudlin.

Ha, more like this is what happens when I've had three and a half years of graduate school since we last talked for real. Also, I may have freaked a little when I realized. Jesse and I are just a bit obsessed with Britain. redface I mean, I already was into British culture thanks to Harry Potter. Then we both got hardcore into Doctor Who. Then Sherlock. Then I watched Downton Abbey. Then Call the Midwife. Plus all the British musicians I've loved over the years... someday, we're going to make it over there. Jesse really wants to visit Scotland, though, since that's the heritage of his surname.
The 20-Pound Cherry Report | 12/10/2014 7:34 pm
The 20-Pound Cherry
That's super awesome that your mom is a huge homebirth advocate! Not so good that she had a stroke. sad Has she fully recovered?

Yeah. Insurance here in the States is stupid.

So I definitely forgot that you're from the UK. Whoops.


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