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♥ ♥ MEILI ♥ ♥

partial hiatus ongoing ♥ ♥

♔ avatar art

pm me to work out payment with items or gold!

Meili art by Lurcis - privately commissioned art, do not steal!


I'm not on Gaia much nowadays; you're more likely to find me here. I love the SDPlus Dolls and still have a sizeable collection despite not having worked on it for months. I'm planning on selling nearly all my inventory, though - you can find my list of items to sell currently in my journal.

Teen Wolf is occupying my every thoughts, basically. If I'm not thinking about it, I'm probably listening to good music like Fall Out Boy, throwing things at pictures of ridiculously pretty people or wishing those clothes were in my wardrobe like, right now.

(maybe buying items here)
(maybe buying art here)
(selling everything listed in my journal)


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Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/05/2016 5:33 am
Armageddon Majesty
Gracias! I had one of the Keiko recolours on before, I think the black or the grey, with the white socks, but they were very solid! So swapped to these - I knew I had them, just couldn't remember what item! Happens a lot to me now~
Do you have any Philosophers Cache's you don't want? I'm back into alchemy, determined to get to level 10 with just cache formulas rofl I've probably lost my mind.
Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/05/2016 5:15 am
Armageddon Majesty
PK Flash Report | 10/27/2015 11:18 pm
PK Flash
Sadistic_Psychonaut Report | 09/15/2015 7:38 pm
Hey weird, I thought there was an item on Gaia that was a cat doll called "Kotton Belle" and I can't find it anywhere. Then I found you, after every search turning up 0. You also say you are hardly here. Thought I'd leave you a comment bc of that biggrin ..While I seek the mysterious Kotten Belle Cat..that has disappeared. Or maybe Im just caling it the wrong thing. Lol.
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 1:22 am
maybe i just dONT KNOW HOW TO DRESS MYSELF! rude-o
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 1:08 am
oh my god, wow. they just. throw money around here, dont they? thats.. a lot. glad to know ive got customers in ko and kei *w*
they are my most welcome guests. heart
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 1:01 am
ha. haha. no? i went from 600+ to 31,351,782 ??????????????????????????? wtf
okay, but i like her going by jewel, thats funny. the cupcakes can all be jewel themed too. soulie smuggles them in and out of the bakery.
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 12:39 am
holy s**t, did you give me all that money? was that you how did that happen, oh my god. thank you??? thank you, wowie. wow
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 12:37 am
her eyes r gonna be a dark brown, like almost red. bc yes. and. idk, maybe something in a dark blue if u have it? //snickers/ jewel toned colors.
also, i havent decided on a name yet? the only thing that keeps coming to mind is virginia, and if that ends up being it then she'll hate it and tell no one and she'll be going by a nickname. of which i also dont know yet.
cupcakefront Report | 06/07/2015 12:29 am
ok i bought it and????? nothing happened????


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