[»]Kotetsu Matsumori

[»]Nicknames: Matsu, Kotetsu
[»]Affiliation: The Matsumori Clan, Matsumori Hospital/Clinic
[»]Occupation: Medic


[»]Appeared Age: 20's
[»]Actual Age: 31
[»]Date of Birth: May 3rd.
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Sexuality: Pansexual
[»]Zodiac: Taurus
[»]Place of Birth: Hayashi Village
[»]Race: Human
[»]Heritage: Japanese
[»]Height: 5'3 // 160cm
[»]Weight: 55 kg // 121 lbs
[»]Build: Kotetsu appears to be a short woman with an endomorph-like, petite type body. Average, not-so-wide shoulder length, She seems to have a large bust that would match up with her shapely hips.
[» ]Skin Color: Light Peach.
[»] Blood Type: O
[»] Natural Eye Color: White
[»] Natural Hair Color: Black
[»] Current Hair Color: White / Black
[»] Hair Length: Her hair reaches down to her behind.
[»] Hair Style: Kotetsu usually keeps her messy hair in a ponytail.
[»] Defining Facial Features: Slender, purple/blue eyes, slight cheekbones that define her face, narrow, small nose , slight plump lips that compliments her facial features.
[»]Etc: Kotetsu has a interesting large tattoo on her back.
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[»]Dominant Hand: Left
[»]Speech Patterns: Kotetsu is a gentle woman, yet may be bit a bit of a loud mouth.


[»]Marital Status: Single, unmarried.
[»]Birth Father: Matsumori Matsukaze
[»]Birth Mother: Matsumori Suzuhara
[»]Siblings: N/A
[»]Best Friend: N/A


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Has a big sister-like personality.
[»] Tends to get over worrisome.
[»] Usually is being strict or serious.
[»] May be slightly shy at times.
[»] Tends to be slightly hotheaded and ignorant.

[→] Likes:
[»] Studying and reading about other doctors, medical practices.
[»] Getting others to taste her horribly tasting medicine.
[»] Nature.
[»] Cats.

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Blood
[»] Having to worry about others/Seeing others hurt
[»] The killing of innocent creatures (Bugs, hunting, birds, etc.)
[»] The dark.
[»] Drugs, smoking, drunkards.

[»]Bad Habits: Since she is terrible at cooking and cleaning, she has the habit of tneding to burn food or being very clumsy when performing regular duties.
Overworrying so much, it causes anxiety.
[»]Good Habits: Arriving on time for emergency medical missions.
[»]Proud Of: Saving lives.
[»]Temperament: She is easy to anger, she's press short tempered and immature.

[→] Friendships [Allies]: N/A
[→] Rivalries [Enemies]: N/A

[→] Quotes:

[»] "Eh?...What did you say? Speak up louder, i can't hear you over your dead body."
"Tch! Keep talking like that and I'll put a bottle up your a**!"
". . .Most importantly....Just be careful."

[→]Brief Biography:
[»] Kotetsu is one of the skilled/experienced Medics who travel around from region to region, delivering medicine and performs healing of all kind to anyone. She is the current head, living and eldest of the Matsumori family who are all deceased, and head of Matsumori Hospital, incharge of the medical division of the Matsumori family, who are all now deceased.

[→]Medical Biography:
[»] Kotetsu practices the Matsumori Healing Arts, a technique passed through the generations of her family. The technique evolves the use of the surrounding energy and nature that is thus absorbed into the healers body, mixing with their inner energy(Chi) and released using healing spells titled Chiyu, an ancient practice.
And, just in case, Matsumori Medics also have offense and defensive spells called "Chiyu-do." that are executed with Chiyu tags.

[→]Base of Operations: Matsumori Clinic


[»] Healing, Kotetsu is able to heal any sort of injury and do medical procedures.
[»] Sealing, Kotetsu can perform sealing spells that can be used for anything. Wounds, creatures, power, etc.


[»] None.


▸ Sakura Potion (Replenishment, and slows bloodflow.)
▸ Grindelia Water (Soothing burns, injuries and respiratory.)
▸ Viper Potion (For fighting poison, with poison.)
▸ Yarrow Powder (Soothing fevers.)
▸ Water
▸ Sleeping Powder
▸ Sedation Pills
▸ Pain Killer Pills (Causes Hallucinations for distractions.)
▸ Pain Killer injections (Shorter duration, but takes effect quickly)
▸ Bandages
▸ x2 Needle Dagger (For medical use only) can be used to extract bullets, arrows, shards, etc.
▸ x1 Healing Scroll
▸x50 Matsumori Tags - Each tag summons a temporary animal-like companions that has the same tattoo symbol Kotetsu has, except on their forehead. These creatures are usually all white with no eyes or mouths, they can come in any shape and size. However, they can hear and see, and are quite friendly. They may assist Kotetsu at whatever she wishes.

▸Chiyu Tags - Spell paper that execute powerful attacks.