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10.8.14 & 1.3.15

Taken by the most cutest and amazing guy i've ever met >u<

I'm a 15 year old weirdo that has an obssession with nutella = w=

Scaredy cat and a lazy butt. hue hue

Too lazy to write more things =u= See ya around

SURPRISE!! Hey Paola I love you with all my heart, I never want to be separated from you ever again. December sucked for a while, but we Skyped and talked to each other all night during the winter break, I thought it was really sweet even though we weren't together during that time. But by the 3rd of January we got back together and man was I happy. You're sweet and cute and beautiful, I have a lot more for you in mind, but I can't think of them right now because so many things about you is in my head. You really know how to treat me and you even love video games. I promise you, once I get GTA V we're going to explore that thug life together LOL but still remain an innocent couple //insert heart// We're going to go through some tough times, but we'll do it together, alright?
-From Zephyoo
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