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Name: Kon
Age: 23
Occupation: College Student

I’m a restless rational still not sure what to do with herself. I'm heavily introverted so please don't take it personally if there are gaps between our conversations. I enjoy the simple things; good food, fantasy horror novels, marital arts movies, video games, and comic books. My favorite super hero is Green Lantern and I collect lead and action figures. I’m currently trying to get fit. I have unique morals and opinions and can sometimes be outspoken about them. I’d give anything in the world to own my dream restaurant.

IittIe Red is my beautiful sidekick! <3
Satans Plantations is my everything.

Big thank yous to:
- Bettie Brutal
- Rawrlett
- DafuqDidYouSay
- Reve Marin
- i-fight-drunk
-Satans Plantations
- Ellirhyanna
- The Last Executioner
- Kiromei
- Narokai
- Lied vom Tod
- Apocalypsez v2
- Ichiban Bandit
- crushed-twinkie
- Army of Madness
Remember to draw Army of Madness and Bettie Brutal to thank them for their present <3.

A secret thank you to Rumrael.

I love you Anonymous Benefactor!


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veggie pizza Report | 07/11/2015 1:59 pm
veggie pizza
Milk on my cereal Report | 07/10/2015 7:58 am
Milk on my cereal
aww thank you dear * ^* heart
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:25 pm
l cospIayer l
Oh well no~
But you are so sweet, you gotta be very yummy~<3
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:19 pm
l cospIayer l
Non don't do that I'll just eat you.
No pun intended.
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:17 pm
l cospIayer l
I'd die for that!
Don't make me any hungry then I am!
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:12 pm
l cospIayer l
But then i'd eat all your pizza~!
I like the meat lovers pizza
What can I say I love meat yum_sausage
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:07 pm
l cospIayer l
We can trade you can have my meatballs if I get your mushrooms~<3
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 2:03 pm
l cospIayer l
I've got some meatballs 4 u hue hue hue
But they are in a can so you'll have to heat them up.
I've never eaten a mushroom I was always afraid they would taste bad.
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 1:58 pm
l cospIayer l
Oh I don't sadly but I want some!
l cospIayer l Report | 07/09/2015 1:51 pm
l cospIayer l
Not anymore I quit because they didn't give my my safety equipment and I was constantly getting injured.
Mmmm Pizza~<3