Let's do some basics, mmmkay?

Real Name: Julie

Birthday: May 16th.

Age: My birthday is over to your left. Do some math. <3

Where I live: Michigan. It's a total love/hate relationship

What I look like: Long ash blonde hair, blue eyes. I'm pale. Very pale. And I LIKE IT.

My family: I live with my parents and my older sister. But my sister lives at college most of the time, so it's just my parents and me. I'm going to community college for a year (it's a HUGE money saver. I recommned it.)

Status: Happily taken by my dearest Zachary smilies/icon_heart.gif , AKA Excaliber002

My job: I at Family Video Movie Club (AKA: Fam Vid) I like it there.

The Past Show's I've Done: (in vague order)
Jospeh and the Amazing Tecnhicolored Dreamcoat: Children's chorus.
Honk!: Destiny's Chick
Fiddler on the Roof: Teenager's Chorus
King and I: Princess
What You Will (Or Twelfth Night): Servant
Sound of Music: Nun/Party Guest
Pippin: Troupe Member
Music Man: Soloist, Pick-A-Little
Fools: Townsperson
Guys and Dolls: Agatha
Romeo and Juliet: Friar Joan (or John, if you want to be correct with text. But I'm obviously not a boy...)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged): Laertes
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Lobby Goddess (a statue. You try it; it's HARD!....pun intended)
Once on this Island: Erzulie, the Goddess of Love (pretty much amazingggg)
30 Reaons not to be in a Play: 1, Mom
Swamp Opera: Hen Harem (This is an original play and we're doing the world premier!!! Remember this because one day you all might have heard of it. How cool is that?)
Dearly Departed- Joy of Life Singer
Oklahoma- Laurey's friend
Music Man (again)- Wife, Soloist
Children of Eden- Storyteller
Conventional Behavior- F.E.
The Mystery of Twickingham Vicarage- Mona

What I like: Zach, Broadway, writing, singing, acting, dancing (I suck, but oh well!), talking, hanging out with my friends, being a goofball, purple, shiny things, string, cute animals (like cats and penguins and giraffs), my ipod, my digital camera, ART, TWILIGHT!!!, boys (like Edward Cullen. Yummy! Oh, and Sean Biggerstaff, and Robert Pattinson, and basically lots of handsome, delicious, beautiful men), and, of course, Gaia!

What I don't like: Mean people, people who think showtunes are stupid, purple and orange together, people who are closed minded, and stupid customers.

My dream: To be a Broadway star, finally publish one of my novels, and finally be a stay-at-home mother and be very happily married with lots of kids and cats!
Anything else random: I don't know. I'll put it in here when I think of something.

Also, don't forget! I'm a HUGE art whore.

A picture from when I was in Once on this Island. In order it goes Ben as Agwe, God of Water, Nikki as Asaka, Mother of the Earth, Our amazing and (then) pregnant drama teacher and one of the most amazing women ever, Malo, myself as Erzulie (you know you're jealous of the glitter!), and Chaz as Papa Ge, Demon of Death. This was pretty much the most amazing time I've ever had doing a show and I loved it.

Probably my favorite picture of myself. Before anyone asks, my hair is still blonde. I messed with the color in the picture and it turned out amazing like this.

Me and dear boyfriend on my 19th birthday. We looked so cute (especially my hair, which was a feat of awesome from Chels)


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Journal of an actress

hmm...another LJ. fun, fun, fun!!!! Anyways, get ready to read some pretty interesting random thoughts in the mind of an actress!


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Cool avi

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Happy Birthday! (I think I may be a day late...oops! XD )

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Thanks! I love your AVI! It's so colourful

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yea I hear

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i know how you feel I wait to Christmas vacation two weeks of relaxation lolz

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good Wbu? btw thanks for asking

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hey long time no see
Chidori Sasuke

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Chidori Sasuke

You still go on? Isn't gaia pretty dead?

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you don't have to accept if u don't want to kk smile
To The Slaughter

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To The Slaughter

Thank you very much ^^
So's yours biggrin


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