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I'm Wearing This! *mutter* Ya bunch of perverts!

Pretty Things That I Want To Play With. Want to help pretty please?

Sometimes I feel like, somebodies watching me!

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Some Stuff About Me

My name is Kokurai_Achemist.(and yes I am a girl. Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking: "But why does your avi look like a boy?!" So I'm not the most girly girl out there.) I like reading manga, reading normal books, cooking, playing with my puppy, and sometimes drawing. Thats really all you need to know. I dont like to tell much about me but I might if you get to know me. I love to get advice on what to read so if you know any good books give me a holler. I like to talk to new people so feel free to leave me a comment unless your a creep, then stay away please. Have a good day all!

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Untold storiez Report | 09/24/2014 5:32 pm
Untold storiez
Hey you, hope all is well.
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 05/29/2014 12:43 am
Dante Alexander 1
*hugs* emotion_hug
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 04/30/2014 6:54 am
Dante Alexander 1
She welcomed me too. I joined back in 2005. I'm pretty far from being new. lol
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard Report | 03/21/2014 4:42 pm
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard
Thank you Koku san~!! heart
Zero Lqcke Report | 01/23/2014 5:16 pm
Zero Lqcke
Aww, Why is that? D:
Zero Lqcke Report | 01/23/2014 5:02 pm
Zero Lqcke
Heyheyheeey~ <3, How are you doin'?
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard Report | 12/30/2013 8:51 pm
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard
koku saaan
i gotta go again ;w ;
I'm looking foward to chat with chu again in le future!

if chu have skype chu can add me ow o
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard Report | 12/24/2013 1:35 am
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard
being pickle or a rockstar? xD
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard Report | 12/22/2013 7:00 pm
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard
mhmm owo
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard Report | 12/22/2013 6:09 pm
Ryu Hayashi_the wizard
been good, the last week of break though,
and having a pickle war in vh owo


Avie art by x-NightNeko-x. Thanks a bunch!!! =D


These are the pretty, fancy, shiny things I want.....BUT!!! They are all very expensive and I want to earn the money for them. And one day I will!! *shakes fist at the sky*

NightNeko you rock!! =D

I love this song......alot

Oh my goodness I adore this picture!! Thank you Edward_CbBb You freaken rock