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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/11/1995



hey, my name's tea.
you can call me tea or you can call me something else.
i'm really not that picky.
my actually name is kynzii, but most people just call me
i make art, if you'd like some, in the style shown on here,
just pm me and we'll talk. please have a hosted img of
the avi you want drawn ready.
i prefer neutral and pastel colours over obnoxiously vile
ones, and really, like really, love marvel. like the comic
books. but i don't read the comic books. i just watch the
90's and 80's and 70's shows of them, including the batman
series with adam west. cool guy right there.
i like the idea that everyone can be nice to anyone, no matter
how evil their shell may seem. don't get me wrong,
some people do not deserve kindness. but we must
be the bigger people and deliver that, because if we were
the terrible person, we would want kindness.
so that's me... while i go grab some iced tea, you keep


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Headlesser Report | 06/23/2016 6:37 pm
I think I know enough of hate, to know that for destruction ice--

emotion_donotwant y uleavin m8 omg. I was wondering why I never saw many people online anymore -cry-

Is also great, and would suffice.
AnimeLover79 Report | 04/08/2016 5:04 am
Thank you for buying smile
Also love your outfit heart
xxMintee Report | 03/11/2016 12:07 pm
I was thinking that as well, but you are just soo cute! farewell heart
xxMintee Report | 03/11/2016 11:47 am
Hello! I'm Jess and I found you through one of the forums. Reason here for contacting you, I don't intend on continuing using this website anymore and I have a lot of gold, and so I wanted to find someone to give this all to. I picked you because I liked your avatar and you sound really nice, would you be interested if I transferred all my funds to you? It's not a terribly large amount but it is almost 600 million. heart heart heart
Eloquentress Report | 03/07/2016 6:16 pm
I don't remember much of how the site was before the new management took over. The first Rejected Olympics and the Prom Crashers in 2008 were the only best memories I've had of Gaia's community events. We just waltz down memory lane, lol. Time flies fast.
Susue Report | 03/07/2016 6:07 pm
the perspective is so intense it's like IM WALKIN b***h classified_fu
i will look forward to seeing you use them more in the future emotion_dowant
Susue Report | 03/07/2016 5:59 pm
i love that you're using them feets I LOVE DEM FEETSSSSS
Eloquentress Report | 03/07/2016 5:56 pm
That's funny though because the new management wanted to make this more community based. I don't think they've realized the degree of their screw up. Like, Lanzer was my man. lol Now he's nowhere to be found.
Eloquentress Report | 03/07/2016 4:51 pm
I see people giving out 10-20bil prizes and I consider those handsome rewards. Then I hear people splurging the entire amount of gold for one item and it hurts me a little. xD
I actually remember your old farewell giveaway thread before, but it's good to see you back in this crummy site, lol.
Since the Lake Kindred drops from the Christmas event, a lot of the item prices have dropped drastically and I was like gimme all the unwanted deflated items, I ain't complaining. x3
I prefer older items anyways for their flexible layering. Most of the new ones de-equip some items and it drives me nuts.
Not too long ago, I was perusing through the old avatars in people's photobucket accounts to see some of the old combos that I could borrow.
Eloquentress Report | 03/07/2016 4:18 pm
Holy cow that's dirt cheap. Case of Pietro is ridiculously expensive right now. Like anything above 5bil is expensive to me. lol More so because those items tend to have less than 10 poses, and I could buy other ones for less with multiple equips.

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