Name: Kobe Yojimbo
Title: Crimson Samurai of the East.
Weapons: Bow, Katana, Shoto, Naginata.

Long ago, at a time before the Ninja. There were Samurai. These mighty warlords spread all across the nations protecting civilians with their very lives. And the Yojimbo clan was no exception. They were known for their honestly, kindness, and power. However all of that changed when the Shadow Clan attacked. Kobe was just a boy at the age of ten when he had to take his infant brother Leo and flee from his home. For years he had to raise his sibling and trained him to use the blade and a few tricks His father had told him. Now that Kobe is older he wears his fathers armor and carries his katana to bring justice to his fallen clan.

In the following winter, Kobe found the man who had hired the Shadow Clan to take down his family. General Tso, a warlord from the East and his fathers old friend. The two met in mortal combat and Kobe was victorious. As a prize he took title of Samurai Lord and the Generals Obi. He also found a scroll on the ancient samurai art of war. With this scroll he continued to train his younger brother.

Something still bothered Kobe though, He knew his honor was not restored
to the full extent, he knew he needed to seek vengeance on the ninja's that
wiped out his family. And thus his journey began again in search of the clan
hideout. He knows when this is over he will be able to become a shogun
under the emperor again.

Day after day Samokai the clan leader sent his kin to fight Kobe,
each one went crawling back in a near death state, all but one.
Shuriku was sent out to kill Kobe and almost did too. But
she saw the light and the lies that Samokai told her and
joined forces with the Samurai. She follows him with honor
as a dept to pay for nearly killing the innocent man.
However Samokai knows of this and though has not been
heard of for months he is at his hideout plotting Kobe's downfall.

On his many travels Kobe has learned many secrets. He is the only Samurai to know Ninjutsu, Or even be friends with the ninja. He realizes that he can not defeat the Shadow Clan alone, for if one were to kill a ninja they must think like a ninja. Kobe however wishes to bring the clan an honorable death, for this is the way of the samurai. For death without honor is hell for your spirit. His sword will be swift and true on the ninja that killed his family, each soul will be cleansed at his hand.