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Alexandra or Ali for short.
Bad at come-backs.
Horrible story teller.
Aspiring Pastry Chef.
Bad habit of rambling.
Easily prone to laughter.
Lover of cheesy puns.
Bunnies are cute.

Donators <3
There are so many kind hearted, funny and unique people on Gaia.
Since my start on Gaia back in 2005 (on another account), I have
never once asked for donations or gold because I have always felt
guilty receiving presents whether it be in real life or online. I can still
count with my two hands how many times I have received gifts/donations,
but whether it be the first time or the 100th time, receiving a gift means
just as much to me as it did the very first time someone sent me a gift
(which was a grunny on my old account).
Just in case these people don't want their usernames revealed, this is
my thank you! I am so very grateful for the random acts of kindness
and generosity. ^.^


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